Charter Arms Explorer II

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    Hello everyone. I'm starting this thread as a project thread for the Explorer II. If anyone has any experience with these, please let me know. I'm posting some pics of the gun that was GIVEN to me at a local trade show. I told the gentleman I was getting into the gunsmith trade and he handed it to me and said, " here's your first project." I was shocked but took him up on it. I fired a few rounds out of it and needless to say, it is going to need some TLC. I must say that for some reason the look of this firearm fascinates me although it is quite terrifying to look at.

    The first part is going to be getting a new bolt handle and a good finish removal with a polishing wheel.



    I will continue to post as I progress through this project and will put pictures up of my stages.
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    Cool. Hope ya get er fixed up.

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    That's pretty sweet looking! Can't wait to see the progress
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    If you can find an old AR-7(Armalite or Charter Arms), It looks like the bolt handle might fit, When you remove the barrel, The bolt will slide forward enough that you can remove the handle(which slides in for compact storage) IIRC, Most of the finish is powder coated or some sort of hard coat paint.
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    Looks like it'll be pretty nice to shoot all fixed up.

    Never Forget.
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    Take it easy on polishing, IIRC, these are mainly aluminum- including the barrel (steel liner) and no, barrels of rifle and pistol will NOT interchange.

    Main issues I can recall are (1) Magazine, and (2) Barrel retaining nut loosening up.

    Feed ramp is part of the mag. Round nose will feed better than flat tipped. Stout springs, need High Velocity ammo. You will spend time tweaking magazine lips.
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    C3 hit the nail on the head.

    I went through several magazine adjustments with my charter arms AR7 before it would cycle right. The only part that won't fit the pistol is the rifle barrel, the alignment post is on the side on the pistol, top on the rifle. The rifle barrel would be in a position where the bolt would not fully close, and the front sight would be of to the side.

    Feeding problems. Use a dremel to remove about an eighth of an inch (at an angle) from the bottom of the chamber to lessen the feed angle. Go slow and be careful, remove too much and you will lose accuracy.

    Parts are plentiful and easy to come by. use your search engine and you will find several supliers. Have fun with your new project, and keep us posted.
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    Or a smithing stone to be on the safe side
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