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    Hi All,
    I am the resident tinker for my unit (Sudbury Cies. Militia and Minute). My darling wife (Mistress Mary) dragged me kicking and screaming into the 18th C. with a gift of a '66 Charleville from Canada. The piece is well built, and with a little work, will look the part. The problem is, I go thru flints like oats thru a goose. On the "March to Concord" 4/19 I used 6 flints (28 shots). Does anyone have a solution to my problem?
    Yr. Obt. Srvt.
    aka Brother Jonathan
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    Info is important.

    your asking good questions, the best bet would be to post this question on the Black powder/muzzleloader forums, I think this site has one as well as Greaybeard Outdoors, Gun and Game Forums, would be a couple first sites to ask
    From what I understand is the angle that the flint sits in the cock is important so some folk use sheet lead to clamp the flint in the cock to get the angle needed, sounds like your flint is strikeing the frizzen is wrong.
    The frizzen should be soft to so as to trow enough sparks when struck.
    Its been a few years since I'd had a flinter in the home may see what the reinactor forums has too.

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    Check the angle of your flints in the jaws of the cock. Thin sheet lead may work better than leather to hold flint at proper angle. Do NOT use anything to hold the flint that may retain a spark- or you may become a member of the missing eyebrows club. Should be such that flint is trying to shave a slice off the frizzen. Sometimes the spring on the frizzen is a bit tight, need bit of grease on pivot point, etc.

    Of course, there are flints and flints. Historically, French flints were rumored to be the best. Vaguely remember something about a gent that was surface coating frizzens to increase spark production- turned out it was a uranium alloy. Which WILL spark like crazy- and gives you the opportunity to inhale uranium dust!
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