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    A month ago I took my rifle (Weatherby Vanguard S2 in .308 with Redfield Revolution 2-7 scope) to the range to confirm zero and see which brand of ammo it liked best. At the end of the session it was right on target and shooting tight groups with several different brands and weights of ammo. It liked CoreLokt 180 grain ammo best and shot sub MOA groups with it. As always, upon returning home I thoroughly cleaned the rifle.

    Today I went to the range to practice for deer season, and to my surprise my rifle was shooting around six inches to the right of the bullseye at 100 yards. There was a good wind, but it was blowing to my six, not across the range. I check my scope mount screws and action screws, but they were fine. The rifle consistently shot six inches right multiple times with a couple different types of ammo. I adjusted my zero, got back on target and shot good groups.

    Any thoughts on what caused this? I have never had trouble with this scope before and it did not see any hard treatment between trips to the range. I am worried that after flying to PA for deer season it will be off again, and I probably will not get a chance to check my zero before hunting.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    Scope bump comes to mind first. When cleaning, is it possible that you knicked the crown?

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    Were the 180gr Core Lokt bullets the last bullets that were shot when you went to the range before?
    Was there a big difference in the temperature since you last shot the rifle,that will make a big difference in POI.

    The scope could have an issue. I always check my zero before I hunt,you just never know when something gets out of whack

    Since you cleaned the rifle after you first shot it,you would have a different cold clean bore POI,but it should come back to zero after the bore is fouled.
    It's a good idea to always make notes of where your gun shoots with a cold bore-dirty or clean.Then you will be more likely to make the first shot count when hunting.
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    i have to agree with it being the scope. if it were shooting consistent groups far right and you were able to bring the zero back over, quite possibly the scope got bumped. might want to look into maybe getting a more robust scope, or maybe the scope might be defective.