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    I went to shoot my RIA .45 at bullseye practice last week and my POI was very low. I mean like 6-8" low. I had previously shot at my property and had been shooting to POA.

    After the frustration at Bullseye practice, I had a chance to go shooting yesterday. I cleaned the gun and I was back to POA. I got to thinking about why this would happen.

    I hadn't cleaned the gun between the range session (100 rounds) and Bullseye. Also I took some American Eagle to Bullseye but shot Federal Champion at my range yesterday.

    So was it the dirty gun changing the POI significantly? I had shot a box of American Eagle through it previously with good results. I can't hardly believe that my POI would change that significantly.
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    Can you give more info on your reload? FPS, gr bullet?

    Different speeds of ammo will change the POI. If your reload is going faster than factory, your POI will be lower. If your reload is using a lighter grain bullet than the 230gr of standard ball, your POI will be lower (lighter normally = faster).

    The sights of the RIA are normally regulated for factory 230gr loads.

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    Everything was factory 230 grain ammo. I usually shoot Fed Champion but bought a couple 100 packs of American Eagle at my LGS because of a good price.

    It should be noted that I am not an experienced handgun shooter. Only been shooting for a couple months.
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    Here's the fix:
    1. Don't worry about this.
    2. Shoot the snot out of her and then do it again.
    3. See # 2.

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    Good advice :cool:
    Mabe you were trying a little to hard - I always seem to shoot better in my backyard too :rolleyes: :D