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    I'm looking for a new pistol, one I can reload for, and the more I read, the more I see concerns and experiences of brass bulging. My question is what brands of pistols have the most supported chambers to be able to reload without bulging, while having the best reliability? Or are they all going to be somewhat problematic? I hear a lot about Glocks being bulgers and M&P's being great. I have a Ruger SR40 that I love but haven't inspected the brass yet. I have only reloaded revolver calibers so this has never been an issue. Thanks for the help!
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    The easiest semi-auto caliber (for me) is the .45 ACP.

    I've used some brass over 10 times before they would split or have loose primer pockets.
    The only time I had any bulging was with some loads that were a little too warm.

    Most loads were used for target or competition in an old Springfield 1911.

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    Check out springfields xd series of pistols
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    No Glock has ever bulged on me in 20 years of shooting them, including quality reloads. On the other hand you want a conventionally rifled barrel for shooting lead. That, and the supported chamber, and the 45 Auto all come together in a 1911. With a lighter spring it can be awesome with hand loaded SWC.