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    Hi, All – been too long!

    Got back to the lower 48 last year and am now stationed at FT Bliss and, hopefully, after five deployments, I’m back for a while. I’m told I have a minimum of 36 months here due to sequestration, and that is music to my ears.


    My Daddy died a few months back and outside of what seems like pain that will never go away, he left me all of his guns and reloading equipment. Thanks to him, I’ve doubled my collection and just couldn’t be prouder of what these guns symbolize. On the other hand, I have no idea how to use a lot of this stuff on the reloading side, but I want to learn. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the equipment, but the only piece I am having issues with is the hand press.


    Has anyone seen this press? It says CH, but I’m not having much luck on finding anything about it. I think *think* he bought it right before or right after he went to Vietnam, ca. 1968 to 1972. I see that it has a primer set on it, which looks handy as all get out. But does anyone know how to use it? Anyone have a link to a user manual, etc.?

    It’s great to be back and in the forum again. I look forward to catching up – it has been a long, long time.

    All the best,


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    Sorry about your dad. Someone more knowledgeable will come along shortly and answer your question. Welcome back.

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    Here is the "reformed" company's website-------

    You have a very standard(for that time period) C-style single station reloading press.
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    Very cool - that helps a lot! Thanks so much!
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    C-H equipment was was built like a tank. It's strong and excellent quality.

    As said above, it's pretty much a "standard" "C" type press.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of reloading.

    And ask questions as you learn. Lotsa questions.:)