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    Hi guys so here's the scoop I just recently bought a Cetme and have done the following to it
    Tri rail front hand guard
    HK Collapsing stock
    Low profile scope rail
    Sure fire army issue light complete including IR cap
    Sig Sauer GLAD (green laser aiming device)
    35 HK G3 mags
    Magpul sling single point and double point

    Anyways was wondering what if anything should I do next are there anymore G3 parts to add ?
    And the next question is when it's fired the ejected brass is somewhat pinched at the front and for the life of me can't figure out why?
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    Uh, a couple of cases of ammo? I always wonder why people are so quick to spend thousands on accessories and only shoot a few dozen rounds through the gun.

    Avoid commercial .308 ammo. Stick to 7.62 NATO ammo. Portugese and DAG are some of the best currently available NATO spec ammo available now.