Cetme problems and solutions

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    Got a Cetme in the shop with a broken cartridge in the chamber (a local pawn shop sold and return). The reason? I believe that dirty ammo was being used and noor little cleaning performed. My broken shell extractor wouldn't/couldn't remove it. I had to cut the cartridge and then collapse it for removal. For any of you out there with one of these rifles,, Solution follows: As the Cetme rifles have a fluted chamber, I suggest that you use only clean ammo and clean the rifle more often than you normally would. During test firing I noticed that the bolt would not pick up (chamber) a round after the firing, extraction and ejection cycle. But would only do it when the next cartridge was on the right side of the stagger in the magazine. Solution? Take a look and notice that the top lips of the mag are folded and doubled. If your rifle is in this failure to feed mode, find out which side is not being picked up by the bolt and remove the double lip on that side, making it single. This will let the cartridge ride up apx. .020" and it will now feed as intended. After repair and return to the pawn shop I went back a week later and bought it, runs like a clock. I have since seen several of these non running Cetme's sold at gun shows and I believe that I know why. larryb.