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    Hello all I just bought a Centuary Cetme and I was just posting this thread because I haven't seen any previous info threads on Cetme's. I was wondering if anyone had any good web sights for Cetme Info and what everyone's opinion on a Cetme. Also I have heard from quite a few people that Centuary Cetme's suck that is fine with me but could anyone fill me in with some possible flaws and what can be done to fix them. I also want to know about shooting .308 winchester vs. .308 Nato in the gun. So any help you guys can provide me with that will help me to turn this possible lemon into something enjoyable to shoot I would be greatful. So thanks for whatever you can provide.
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    Google Cetme Owners Group, there's good stuff there to answer your questions.

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    century cetme's are said to be bad, because they aren't assembled to the tight tolerances needed. Plus, the receiver isn't the very best around. Cetme's are great rifles, and the HK G3 is basically a copy of it. Lots of info on the net about them...
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    The CETME owners group site went Tango Uniform some time back but former members started a new site called militaryfirearm.com. That is singular firearm not plural. I am a member over there as well and know from experience it is a great group of guys (and gals) that will promptly answer your questions. Check the "stickies" posted for general info and FAQ answers.

    Century has a reputation for employing "monkeys" to build their guns. Some times the "monkeys" accidentally make a good one. The damage can be corrected for just a few dollars.