CETME/G3 3-Point Sling?

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    I bought the regular cheapo German Sling for the CETME/G3 rifle (that works perfectly fine), but I want to get a 3-point sling for the rifle (one that allows the rifle to easily rest right in front of you; muzzle down). I love these slings because I've used them on the modified M4s (AR15) that we've had on the Naval Ships for our boarding teams. At the moment I'm trying to save money by simply going tactical as much as I can with my CETME/G3 (even though it's hard to go tactical with that long barrell and the massive recoil of the .308 round, but I like long rifles being the Navy man I am).

    Anyone have experience putting a 3-Point Sling on these rifles?

    What makes it hard for me to think about or figure out is how the front of this rifle has a horizontal hole/hook point. You can't slide a sling through it, but you have to use a hook to hook onto the front of the rifle, and then slide the sling through the back (I don't have the butt stock sling point, but one that protrudes from the bottom of the butt).

    The picture below shows the original sling for the CETME/G3 I'm talking about. Notice the "hook" end of the sling. That should give an idea of what I'm dealing with on the front of the rifle:


    Any suggestions would be surely helpful! :(

    Oh yeah. For those of you that don't know what a CETME/G3 looks like, here's another link:


    (I'm sure you'll notice it looks like a G3 or PTR91)
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