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  1. kryptar19

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    Who has used these products? How do you like it? Can it be applied to any part of the firearm? How does it hold up? I would like to know everything in your experience please.

    Thank you
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    This product is very good depending on how good the person is who puts the finish on. I personally have not done this but one of the guys at work has. As far as durability it would depend on what you plan on doing. For example heavy use like military etc probably would start to chip the coating. If you a guy that gets the rifle or pistol out and just shoots at the range and then puts it back in the case it would be fine. Like I stated if the person who applies the coating is good the coating will take moderate abuse with no problem.

    Cool thing about these coating is you can basically pick from hundreds of different designs. Makes your pistol or rifle one of a kind! Check out some of the pictures on their website http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/gallery/