Century Arms C93 Sporter (HK 33/53/93 Clone)

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    The weekend after last Halloween, my brothers and I went out to the "range" (country backwoods) with a ton of pumpkins that my wife and I got from the local punkin' patch". It was time to test out my new Century arms c93 sporter.

    This rifle is a ton of fun to shoot. We put about 300 rounds of Wolf 55 and 62 grain FMJ bi-metal rounds through it. It ate that steel core ammo up without any issues. Now that's cool.

    I brought the three new HK 40 round aluminum mags that arrived this week in the mail. They worked flawlessly. There's almost no felt recoil on this rifle and it handles really well. You should try one out.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBthEmrf5Zg]YouTube - Century Arms C93 Sporter (HK 33/53/93 Clone) Part II...success!!! http://johnny556x45.blogspot.com/[/ame]