Centurion 12 ga Minibuck gelatin test

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    *Correction: Nobel not Centurion.


    12 ga Nobel Minibuck #00 fired into calibrated gelatin from 18.5" bbl Mossberg 500A.

    BB calibration: 586.7 fps, 3.7"

    Impact velocity: 1,232 fps
    Max penetration: 23.5"
    Avg penetration 19"-20"

    These are not the Aguila mini shells. Those would not function in Mossberg shotguns because the front of the shell would fall through the gap in the elevator. These Nobel mini shells are long enough to function properly, as you can see in the video. I can fit 6 of them in my normally 5 round magazine. The seventh cartridge makes it about 3/4 of the way in so a seven round tube might hold 9 rounds but I haven't had an opportunity to try. They appear to be loaded with 6 pellets. Recoil was very mild.
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    Keep up the good work!