Centering of a scope's adjustment dials

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    The elevation and windage adjustments of a scope are easily centered. Place a small mirror against the objective end of the scope. That would be the end farthest from your eye as you look through the scope. Make certain that the mirror is large enough to cover the entire objective. It must also be flat against the objective. With the scope's power selector ring set at the lowest magnification, look through the eyepiece as you would while aiming at a target. If the scope's windage and elevation adjustments are off center, you will see two images of the reticle (cross-hair). To reach the center of the adjustment range, simply turn the elevation and windage dials until you see only one image of the reticle. Found this on another forum and thought I'd share. anyone tried this method? I thought it was quite nifty! oops! I think I posted this in the wrong place sorry! mods, remove it if you wish.
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    I see a couple problems with this (yes, I just tried it). First off, you're covering the objective, so there's no light in the tube. The other problem is that there's not enough distance for my scope to focus. I tried shining a flashlight at the mirror, and all I saw was one clear reticle in front of a bunch of white fuzzy nothingness. Maybe someone with a fancier scope would have better luck.