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Center Point adventure class 4-16x40 Riflescope, here is what the manufacture says about it.

Center Point Optics : Rifle Scopes & Hunting Scopes

The Adventure Class is the go anywhere, do anything scope, offering highly resolved images in all conditions. With many features found on elite level scopes, the Adventure Class delivers more performance at affordable prices.

Adventure Class scopes come standard with adjustable objectives, delivering a parallax-free image, without moving the point of impact. This means, if your target moves, your scope can adjust quickly and accurately at any distance. And their dual illuminated reticles offer a bright, sharp image for those fast-moving, close-in shots. Whether you're shooting at dusk or at dawn, in heavy brush or open field, the Adventure Class will deliver a quick, bright image.

Adjustable objective, parallax focus from 5yds to infinity
Red/Green dual illuminated reticle (see animation)
Target adjustable windage and elevation dials with zero locking/resetting capabilities
Includes flip open lens covers
Part number » CPA416AORG
· One piece tube construction
· CenterPoint's Advantage lens coating reduces light loss and limits glare, while allowing optimum light transmission
· Ergonomically designed grips for fast focus eyepiece and magnification
· Mil-Dot range estimating reticle
· 100% waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
· Limited Lifetime Warranty - click to learn more about the warranty

Now what I say about it, let me start by saying that I am not displeased with it and for the money and what one gets it is a fair to midland scope. The sight picture seems to be clear and sharp. I did not encounter any parallax problems. For a good all around scope it is a good bargin at $69, if one does not have a wallet full of money from their money tree to spend on a good scope.

I can testify that this scope is rugged in that after I got it sighted in on my Romak 3 it fell off the shooting bench and hit the scope on the concrete. About a 3-foot drop and I just knew my $69 dollars went down the drain. To my surprise it showed no damage and was still on target.

I have not field tested it hunting sense it was for my want to be Dragunov when it grows up, and that is for scaring the heebie-jeebies out of the anti gunners, fun and target shooting at the range.


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I can testify that this scope is rugged
I know this post is old, but to anyone who doubts this statement:

I bought this scope for my AR-15. I flew American Airlines with one connection, taking my rifle of course. I put the scope in a separate checked bag, completely surrounded by clothing as padding. TSA went through the bag and left the scope right against the side of the [soft] bag. This means that it took 100% of the baggage handing force from the east coast to Dallas to Tucson.

Didn't shoot it for many months after that, assuming it was a goner. However, when I did go back to shoot it, it was 100% perfect.

Any scope that can survive baggage handling can survive anything.

That being said, the ONLY problem I have with this is that it's impossible to make out holes at 500 yards, though I suspect this is very common.

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Some people may look down their noses at CenterPoint scopes because they come from Walmart, but I've got one on my old .22 bolt action that I couldn't be happier with. The image is clear regardless of the power setting and the click adjustments are precise. The thing has held zero well despite being knocked around some. They may be a budget priced scope, but the quality is there as if it was a much higher priced product. :cool:
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