CCW Wait Times?

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  1. Dizzll

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    Anyone know what wait times are like for ccw in Nevada. I got a couple buddies that are taking class next week. I got mine in like a month (6 months ago) but it says 120days. Anyone recent?
  2. nwrednk

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    Rapid license?

    It depends on your states workload, in Idaho the stated time is 90 days but
    I got mine after about 3 weeks! That was in 1997, but a friend of mine also
    experienced a "rapid issue" in y2k! In "carry friendly" states all you need to
    qualify for a license is proof of firearms training like your "dd-214" or a
    certificate of completion of a hunter safety class! Expect to pass a
    thourough background check w/o any legal "disabilities" like a "dui" or such!

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    It's usually a recent DUI that will cause you trouble. In Pennsylvania you have to have a record of 3 or more DUI's to be deneyed a permit. If you only had 1 say and it was your only offense in your life, they will not hold it against you. However if you get another one they will take your permit from you and will not allow you to have one again for at least 5 years. The first offense here is exponged as long as you pay the fines and take the classes here. If you wait at least a year after that, you can get a permit, they won't give it to you while your on probation of course. The laws are different for every state however. Also the Definition of the word Exponged means- as if never existed. So with that in mind many people when applying for a CCP won't even list it. By doing so, you are actually incriminating yourself ! It won't come up in the states computers either if 1 was all you had and you have been clean since then. It does come up however if you have more than 1 and they won't issue you for at least 5 years. After 3 you are considered a habitual drunkard and you will probably never get one here unless you have documented proof that you were in treatment and have been clean for at least 5 years. Those who continue however are barred for life.
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    NC Re-Newal

    I responded on another "thread'' similar to this; I too will need to provide a copy of my DD214 "this" time for re-newal; wow; and next time?? what then;
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    It took me 1month and 10 days or so with a clean record, when I applied at the sheriffs department near the start of august got it at the beginning of October, so 120 days maybe depending on if the person has anything against them?

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    I took classes on oct-10 2006-and got it in the mail on dec-23-2006.utah permit instead of missouri. 5 years vs 3 years,and a hole lot cheaper.
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    Mailed mine on sept 7. They received it the next day.

    Waiting patiently. My friend said it comes in a blank envelope.

    Jan. 7 is 120 days.
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    I know not about your states current qualifications @ this time, but once you
    have obtained a permit, (as a general rule)... renewals are a "piece of cake"!
    In Idaho, the renewal of my drivers license & carry permit falls on the month
    of my birthday every 4 years! I have been a resident of Idaho since 13 oct
    1990, yet I did not apply for a carry permit until the fall of 1997 when my
    "Whacky cat hoarder" neighbors started teasing my dog & threatened to kill
    me! My response to their threat drove them to the next county & they are
    still known as the "worst cat hoarders" in Idaho state history!:mad: