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    I know they're completely different guns almost never cross referenced. I'm in the market for a new pistol. I'd like something I can carry living in the most dangerous city in America currently. But being limited in my pistol knowledge I'm split between two different pistols.
    The two I'm looking at are the glock 27, and the FN 57. Can you help me choose which gun I'd be more proud to own, carry, take to a target range? Which of the two has a more "cool factor" ? I don't shoot to often but like to take pride in having a "cooler gun" then the next guy. Ya know, the gun that people want to try out at the range, or ask you questions about. I currently own 2 pistols, a Walther P22, and a FS92. I've noticed when I bring the P22 no one says a word to me at the range but when I bring out the FS I'll get a few law enforcement guys over to talk guns (part of the hobby... talking guns, and that's part of the fun!). So the factor of bringing around complete strangers who are also at the range is intriguing to me as a gun owner. The Glock seems very run of the mill and alot of people can relate to it and tell you their glock stories, so it seems to appeal to the masses. the FN 57 is a gun I've never seen except in my local gun shop. But the High capacity mags, armor piercing potential, light weight, and uniqueness of the gun and rounds also intrigues me. And no matter what gun I'd choose, I'd like to be able to carry it on me. Which of the 2 options do you think is a better choice for all around, carry, intrigue from others at the range, proud to own?
    Can you give me any details as to why I should choose one over the other?
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    First off, when you get a chance, why don't you stop by the Introductions section and tell us a little more about yourself?

    Of the two pistols you mentioned, the FN 57 will have the cool factor, hands down. But considering the round's high velocity and small caliber, I would be concerned about overpenetration if using it as a carry gun.

    If you want cool factor coupled with usability as a carry gun, I'd suggest a nice 1911, perhaps with some customization.

  3. Digitronical

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    I'll be sure to stop by the intro section soon. The 1911 I was always steered away from simply due to round capacity. 20 rounds in a clip sure sounds nice to me.
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    I think the FN 5.7 is pretty cool. It'd make a fine carry carry that is, if you were wandering through a war zone. I don't think it's a very practical carry for meandering around your hometown. A semi-auto pistol firing 2000fps rounds in a densely populated area would worry me.

    But if you lived somewhere a little more rural, I think it would be a great home defense and even varmint handgun.

    As for the Glock 27- If you've shot one and are comfortable with the fit and handling, it won't let you down.
  5. danf_fl

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    It is easier to get parts for a Chevy than a Ferrari.
    I would get what I know a local smith could work on if needed. Between the two choices, Glock would get my vote.
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    The FN 57 is an extremely "cool gun". However as mentioned above, overpenetration is an EXTREME problem with that round. If (God forbid) you did have to shoot at a BG and missed, shooting Granny in her living room watching TV could happen. With the muzzle velocity ranging from 1650 to 2132 fps it can be considered overkill. The up-side is the 95 or 105 grain bullets should stay in the target, if you hit it.

    I have never been a Glock fan although they make an excellent firearm. In this case, I would advice the Glock.

    On a $ scale, most FN 57's that I have seen bump close to and over $1K.

    As always, just my opinion and yours is what counts on your decision.
  7. Shihan

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    Become proficient with it and you will only need one round.

    I don't think the FN57 is not practical for carry purposes. Not a round I would choose.

    Of the choices you listed I would say G27. Not knowing how much firearm experience you have and if target practice is one of the other things that is important, think about a G26.

    9mm would be less snappy and cheaper for range time. You can get some pretty good SD rounds in 9mm if you use it for carry.

    I wouldn't limit myself by cool factor. Plan on shooting armored vehicles.
    Go to the range and try a number of different pistols. See what works for you.

    Try a S&W M&P9c is you want a nice pistol.
  8. russ

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    If you want something for carry as much as range time, consider a full size polymer frame pistol. Like the G19, M&P9 or XD9. All of these are fine pistols with good capacity and good reputation for reliability. A good holster will make any of these comfortable to carry.

    While I do think the FN57 is a cool pistol, it honestly isn't practical for carry for all the reasons already mentioned. Plus ammo is a concern with the 57, it's not always easily located and that's a big drawback in my book.
  9. jca1

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    Of the two you mentioned I would go with the Glock but I wouldn't cause I don't like Glock cause they don't fit me. I suggest you stick with Russ' suggestions and maybe add in a alloy frame pistol like Sig.
  10. JonM

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    personally the LAST thing on my list for a self defense handgun is the "cool factor", in fact that isnt even a consideration. that being said the two handguns that draw the most attention at the range in my collection are my 1944 ithaca 1911A1 and my colt series 70.

    used to ccw with 9mm 15 rounders berreta 92fs and sigp226 always felt under equipped using those lightweight .35cal rounds. had a lot of em but still felt i was naked.

    its really not about round count but having a pistol you shoot very very well. for me i shoot a steel 1911 very very well. even the lightweight short snouted new agent i shoot well.
  11. armsmaster270

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    If you practice and get proficient as stated by Jon M even the trusty old 38spl revolver will deliver one shot kills.
  12. JTJ

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    Before you jump on a Glock, look at the Ruger SR9c. In my state it comes with a 10 and a 17 round mag. Use the 10 for concealment and backup with the 17. Fits my smaller hand better than the Glock. My wife and I each have one. Made in America. While I have some imported guns, I have decided I will only buy American made firearms from now on. I will buy a USA made product over a foreign product whenever I can if I can find one even if it costs more.
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    Basically, what everybody is saying is this: "Get to a range and shoot any and every gun you can get your grimy hands on, and pick one that you like." There's really no point in going exotic. Stay mainstream on this one.

    PS- Welcome from the STL area. If you don't mind me asking, where do you usually go shooting? I go to J. Henges on most occasions.
  14. Digitronical

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    Thanks :) I call it Antire cause that's the name of the exit on 44 but I think it is called J. Henges. I like going there because its cheap to shoot, I enjoy being outdoors more then indoors, and I live in Fenton so It's really close. I heard that shop On target was getting an indoor range but I haven't checked out their new shop/ location. I'm starting to think I may not want to limit my sights to just those 2 guns. Those were just the 2 I like the most of the ones I know.
  15. TheSadPanda

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    Yea, J. Henges is the one on Antire! On target is currently in the process of making their own indoor range, but because of that, they have a really lean gun selection :( I believe a one-year membership for the range is $300+. In terms of close gun shops, you also have Denny Dennis', and Pacific Guns (MY favorite gun shop in STL by far) at your disposal. A Glock is a solid gun through and through, but it won't turn a single head unless it's bright pink and fires 20mm shells :p Some of the XDMs can hold up to 20 rounds of 9mm and are quite the lookers IMO. They also came out with a "compact" model recently that is pretty good for carrying. It's so good I just bought one myself :) But these other guys do have a point about proficiency, a single .45acp will 99.9% of the time drop somebody, but you have to be good enough to hit someone under pressure, which is not an easy task. With my skill level, I'd need 12+ rounds most likely. I'm not sure what your skill level is, so you need to consider that as a factor for carry.
  16. Davo45

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    "Cool Factor" is no reason to choose a SD pistol

    I like and own my share of "cool" firearms as well as other gear, so much so that I inherited the nickname "Inspector Gadgets" in my time on a county wide tactical unit. With that said, I don't now nor would I ever base a SD pistol (rifle or shotgun for that matter) on how "cool" it looked or what my peers may think of it. In a CCW choice you choose a pistol or revolver that: 1. you can and will carry on a daily basis, 2. can keep CONCEALED until you need it, 3. is a large enough caliber round to destroy the most amount of vital organs, bones and nerves in the least amount of time, and last but by no means least, 4. is something you can train with on a regular basis allowing you to be proficient with it.

    As others have said, an FN 5.7 is definitely "cool" and I suppose may somewhere have a place, but I haven't yet figured out what it is yet. A friend of mine tested a 5.7 and his results were less than desirable for a SD choice. I THINK I saved the article and will post it when possible, even if I have to ask him to re-send it to me.

    The FN 5.7 is large and extremely bulky, as someone else said, okay for OC, but unless you live in a very cold climate year round, you won't be concealing it daily. Pistols chambered in .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .357 Sig and 9x19mm have been street tested and will do the job. Revolvers chambered for the .357 magnum and .44 special (as well as .410 shotshell/.45 LC the Taurus Judge and S&W Governor are both chambered for) and to a lesser extent a .38 special will also do the job.

    I'm just that big of a revolver proponent for CC as I know the "average" defensive shooting may be 2.5 rounds fired, but am painfully aware that I refuse to entrust my life to "the average". There have been some one shot stops, but the vast majority require more than one, some drugged up or adrenaline filled goblins have taken more than a dozen rounds to stop. The FBI's Miami shootout with Platt & Maddox is proof enough. Autopsies revealed that both were literally dead on their feet but continued fighting until their CNS were severed at point blank range. The North Hollywood shooting in another case that blasted the "average". I realize that both of these are OIS, but they can't be overlooked.
  17. trex1310

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    The Glock 21 RTF, in my opinion, would be a good choice.
  18. StanDJ77

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    The glock is a great option but, the 27 wont be a good time at the range just because it has a 3in barrel. There are a lot of great guns it depends on what you want. If you want polymer style gun, glock and xd would get my vote, maybe m&p too. H&k just seem too pricey for something that to me doesnt really raise the bar. Sigs are another overpriced gun in my opinion i hear awful things about customer service.
  19. WDB

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    Considering your two choices I would suggest the G27. The cool factor has little to do with CC. I would suggest find a range that rents shoot several pistols, get some training and put that "cool factor" right out of your mind. The reason others at a rage what to see what your shooting is because they are there practicing/trainging with a pistol that might be needed to save there life and your shooting something impractical..or mall ninja cool. Yep IMHO
  20. Wambli

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    I will agree with what others have said as much as buying a conceal carry gun for the cool factor is not a great idea.

    Now I will depart from the rest. The FN is a great pistol and there are rounds for it very suitable for self defense. The high velocity and ultra light weight bullet makes it highly unlikely to overpenetyrate and there are Federal agencies that use them as carry guns specifically for crowded environments because they are wicked accurate (100 yard headshot accurate in the right hands) and again the bullet will stay inside the bad guy you put it into. The almost complete lack of recoil makes follow up shots a walk in the park and the extra high capacity is a huge bonus when multiple bad guy targets are a strong possibility (again, a real concern for some agencies).

    On the concealment side my son carries and successfuly conceal the FN in a very hot state all year long. He is also 6'3" and military lean so he can hide a full size .44 mag with a 6" barrel easily under a somewhat loose shirt. Some other folks are not as likely to be able to conceal such a big pistol. And of course there is the rather high cost of the gun and ammo so if you can't afford to feed it enough to stay proficient with it, a 9mm will suit your purposes much better. It is better to be good with the gun you carry (which takes a boatload of ammo/practice) than look cool with a gun you can't shoot.