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    I've been looking & noticed quite a few options but I'd rather do extensive research instead of just getting whatever looks pretty. I'm not a big guy but I can hide a 5" 1911 under my arm fairly well, I'm 5'6" at 170 lb. I'm wanting to get a vertical left handed ccw rig that won't cost 3 digits but I can settle paying extra if need be. Also, I'm a motorcycle rider so finding a rig that limits movement of the pistol(not me) would be a bonus. I'm getting tired of using my backpack as a holster.
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    Shoulder Rig

    You are going to be hard pressed not to get into the 3 digit range. My least expensive rig is an Uncle Mikes(under 100 dollars). Next is a Bianchi but I don't like it because it uses elastic to go around the right shoulder. I've been most please with a custom made job but now you are in major 3 digit range. Mine ran right at 350 dollars for Frontier Leather. I like the full leather ones the best. That's just mine thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an Uncle Mikes and that gets in under a 100 dollars. But since I got my custom made rig, I have found there are more and more options now. A quick google using the search words 'shoulder holster' list several others. Most any leather rig however will be over 100 bucks.:( I think you need to raise your bar a tad.:)

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    I have been thinking about a shoulder holster from Triple K leather. It is a good looking product and the lowest priced for an all leather shoulder holster. You can also buy different holsters to go with the harness, which is good because I have been wanting someting for my HK USP 45.
    That said, I have a Galco, fletch holster from 1999 and it is still in great shape despite being my eaveryday holster for my P97. Good leather is worth the money and after having made my last 4 holsters, I can tell you that it is work.
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    I have an uncle mikes. Don't waste your money.
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    I bought a Bianchi Agent X rig a few years ago. It's not a vertical carry but I do really like the rig. And it wasn't real pricey. The X 15 is a vertical carry. It runs a little over a hundred bucks though these days. I think I got mine for around 80 bucks when I got it.

    I had bought a UTG rig off eBay some years back that will fit about any pistol (fully adjustable). If you don't need leather they work OK. But with things like holsters nothing beats a good leather rig for me.
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    Go Galco

    A good galco rig will be just a bit over $100 but worth a look. I just bought one for my S&W model 28 with 5 3/8 inch bbl.
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    Thanks for your opinions. I tried on a few recently but since they were righties only(figures) they were just a reference. I'm growing fond of the Uncle Mikes but with Xmas rolling around the corner I figure selflessness is priority at this point. I'll suck it up with the backpack just a little longer :cool:
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    Galco VHS. $88 black or tan. I have one, and love it. And yes, it is left or right (can't spell ambidextourious). They claim it was made for helicopter pilots who wanted a verticle holster. I find it "old fashion" like the 30's gangsters, but it is very comfortable, extremely easy to conceal because it is verticle, can be worn either side, and is easy to draw from. My girl friend says it looks sexy (go figure,!). My sidearm is a 5" S&W 1911. It is a joy to wear with Galco's Miami Vice shoulder harness.
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    Question from left field.

    What brand of mags are you using in your 1911?

    You have a nice firearm. You rely on it for self defense. An inexpensive holster of any kind is asking for failure just like cheap mags will cause problems.

    How much is your life worth?
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