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    I know this is probably a dumb question, but I am not very knowledgeable on this issue. I plan on getting my CCW permit next year, and after trying out various 'plastic' pistols, I found the Walther P99 to be my favorite. Unfortunately, I can't decide which model's trigger (the AS or QA) is the more effective choice to use as a CCW. Does anybody have any good suggestions on which model would be the better choice to go with?
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    what is the as and qa action? ive only heard of sa and da

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    Here is the skinny of it all taken from the Walther catalog:

    Walther P99AS

    By integrating a Single Action Anti Stress trigger into its design, the Double Action P99AS helps prevent unintentional “reflex” firing in stressful situations. After the slide has been pulled completely to the rear, the trigger remains in the forward position for the first shot. This prevents inadvertent firing not only in the double action trigger mode, but also in the single action mode. As a result, the trigger travel is .55” long in the anti stress mode with 4.4 lbs of trigger force that helps to prevent inadvertent firing. On all subsequent shots, the trigger travel is reduced to .314” with the same trigger force for classic P99 quick reset firing.

    Here is a visual explination of the trigger system:


    Walther P99QA

    The P99 Quick Action pistol with uniform short trigger pull and independent safeties is the choice for both law enforcement tactical teams and competitive shooters. The P99QA hammerless pistol is capable of being disassembled without the need to pull the trigger. Simply remove the magazine, clear the chamber, press the takedown button and slide the takedown catch to remove the slide. The trigger mechanism incorporates a striker system that is partially pre-cocked. When the trigger is pulled, the striker becomes fully cocked and released, firing the pistol. With approximately .31 inches of trigger travel and 8 lbs. of trigger force, the short trigger pull and reset provides quick shot delivery, especially in competitive situations.
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    I would by all means go with the quick action trigger system. I'm pretty sure you'll regret having the LONNGG reset of the as trigger system. It's nearly always better to have the least amount of trigger travel/weight within reason for the most accurate shooting. The as is more of an conventional da/sa trigger system. Even though the qa trigger is heavier, it's consistant from shot to shot.
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