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    Ok I am a resident of two different states I live in Indiana and Alabama. Indiana about 7 months out of the year and Alabama the rest of the time. My question is that I have an Alabama ccw permit and it is accepted in Indiana, but however I do not possess an Indiana ccw permit yet. Can I legally carry when in Indiana with my Alabama ccw permit? I have an Indiana drivers license and I am considered a perm. resident of both Indiana and Alabama. Thank you for any responses
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    The internet is not the best place to seek legal advice. I'm sure you can find the laws for those states in the web somewhere.

    If I went to lawschool, I would flunk.

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    From Indiana's own web site.....

    What states honor my Indiana handgun license?
    Indiana honors all other states handgun licenses. Not all other states honor Indiana’s
    license. Websites and organizations such as the NRA do attempt to track this
    information. Each state regulates this area differently and there is no obligation for one
    state to notify another state of any change in their law; therefore the department does
    not attempt to track this information.
    Note: Illinois issues a Firearms Owners Identification (FOI) card. This card relates to
    the purchasing of firearms, not a permit to routinely carry a handgun and is therefore is
    not honored as such in Indiana.

    I am a resident of another state and I have a valid handgun license issued by my
    home state. Does Indiana honor my states license?
    Yes. Indiana honors valid handgun licenses issued by another state.
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    I do know that Indiana honors Alabama and vise versa, but I wasn't sure if while being a resident of Indiana and holding a ccw permit from Alabama while carrying was legal. Thank you for your input
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    Looks like your good to go,to check just click the state.
    Hope it helps.