CCW question, moving between FL and TX

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    Hey all, it's been a lot of great information just lurking around here, and even better to sign up and start posting.

    My question is about moving between Florida and Texas. I'm currently a Florida resident and have my concealed carry permit. I do know that both states share a reciprocal status, but once I become a TX resident (within a month or so), do I need to change that over to a Texas permit because my residency changed?

    Or is my FL CCW good until expiration no matter which state is my residence?

    I'm probably going to be a little tight for money after the move, and I'm not looking forward to the fees and waiting time it would take to redo the class and applications. But at the same time, I'm very used to having myself protected and really don't want to give that up (especially moving to a new and unfamiliar area).

    Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!
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    Hey, leftie, welcome to FTF. How about you take a minute and go over to the Introductions thread and tell us a little about yourself.

    Are you sure you should be asking legal advice on a forum like this? I'm sure someone has a great answer. I'm in Oregon so I don't. But it seems your legal status is something you should be really clear about, including reading the actual language of the statutes involved, yourself.

    Just saying...

  3. canebrake

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    When you move, will the address on your CCWL be correct? Rhetorical question, of course it won't.

    What you have is a resident license. When you are no longer a FL resident, the license is no longer valid.

    I'd check to see if you can transfer it to a non-resident license.

    Concealed Weapons or Firearm Program - Division of Licensing, FDACS

    I'd also read up on the TX laws:

    Texas Department of Public Safety - Regulatory Licensing Service Concealed Handgun Licensing

    A great source of info:
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    Thanks for the welcome. I thought the 'Legalism' tab would have been the correct section for this type of question, considering it has to do with laws. Well, that and the fact that most of the 'Concealed Carry' tab wasn't filled with much legal advice.

    I've read many interpretations of the TX law, and none of my resources have answered this question for me. So yeah, I fully agree that I need to be fully aware of the forthcoming situation. and that's exactly what I'm trying to do here. I'm having a very hard time even finding the correct statutes.
  5. devilslefthand

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    Awesome. Great info, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much. :D
  6. danf_fl

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    FL has a requirement to get your address updated on your driver's license within 10 days after moving (even in state) (go ahead and ask how I know).
    I don't know about Texas, but as Cane sez, as a non-resident your FL CCW does not reflect the correct info.
    And some states strongly insist that a resident also have a state resident issued CCW to be legit.
    I think that some states may not recognize FL, but will recognize TX.
  7. TXnorton

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    I think that if you become a resident in Texas that you will need to get a Texas CHL. I also suspect that you will have to take the Texas CHL class, as the classes are very focused on Texas laws. My class took one day and cost $99. They need photos and fingerprints (provided in the class I took and included in the cost). Then there is a bit of paperwork to submit and a fee (I think it was $120). All in all if you have a clean record it is relatively painless to get the Texas CHL.

    BTW, welcome to the Great State of Texas!
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    im no lawyer and have never checked with Texas. But several friends and I (I live in NM and friends live all over) have all applied and recieved Florida CCW (due to the fact that Florida is very veteran friendly and accepted in more states than NM) the only difference between mine (out of state license) and yours (in state) is 2 states (for some reason 2 states only accept a florida ccw if you are a resident of Florida). When i applied for mine from NM all i had to send was paperwork, dd214, and a money order i beleive for $160. I know Texas has a fair amount of reciprocation but Florida has more. I have never had issue with mine being issued from another state and for reciprocation purposes wouldnt get an NM one unless a law is passed requiring so.