CCW Purchasing thoughts

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    Rant on!!!!!

    Does anyone think before they purchase CCW firearms?

    First, don't buy the firearm without considering how you are going to carry it and extra rounds.

    Second, don't buy cheap holsters or magazine carriers. The makers of such just want your money and know that when the crap wears out, you'll be back again.

    Third, don't have just 1 firearm for CCW. That full sized firearm is kinda hard to conceal when you wear shorts and a t-shirt.

    Fourth, practice with your setup. And I don't mean stand at the firing line 7 yards from the target and shoot bulls-eye style. Exercise all possibilities. Draw while on laying on your back, draw weak handed, shoot around corners, etc....

    Fifth, attend a training course or two.

    I keep hearing the same stuff. "What do you think of...." If you cannot figure things out for yourself, then get an expert to help you. Not a bunch of nick-named people on the internet or in a forum.

    Well, my opinion is just that, my opinion, and it may not save your a$$ when you need it.

    Rant off.
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    Some good points.. I do have to change up my practice routine..I always buy good equipment, and another thing I see people slack on is a GOOD BELT..The best holster money can buy is junk without a good belt.


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    AMEN - Tho lately its only been about ever 3rd post :rolleyes:
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    Good points, most people that I know that carry do not practice different scenarios or with each of their carry weapons. My cousin carried a new gun for a year before he ever fired it (he took a tongue lashing from me when he told me that ), and when he did shoot the gun it jammed 3 times in a row.

    Every gun I carry has to go thru 500 rounds down range before it is considered a carry piece. Then I have enough time at the range with it to be comfortable with my draw from different positions and shooting from the same positions. I have proofed out my carry ammo and have confidence in what I am trusting my life with.

    The hardest time choosing a gun was for my wife and daughter to carry, this took many trips to the range to rent different guns and then followed by a trip to the gun store each time. Finding what they wanted and shot well was a long process, then finding something that they liked that would fit the way they dress was a nightmare. With patience we were able to accommodate both girls, the wife with a Bersa 380 CC and the daughter with a GP-100. Now the wife is slowly changing her wardrobe to more easily conceal a bigger pistol and hinting that she would like to carry my 1911 to step up in caliber.

    We are all looking to take an advanced training course from a certified instructor that is a local LEO and also a Glock armorer. Best of both worlds with him as a friend.
  5. Jay

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    Respectfully, your fifth point should cover the first four.