CCW permit transfer denial question

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    I have a strange situation I'm hoping to ge advice on regarding a denial of a ccw transfer. I currently hold an active ccw endorsement in missouri and have had it for 5 years. I recently moved counties and when I tried to transfer my ccw it was denied based on an sis from 96 that came from the county that originally issued my ccw endorsement. The sis was related to a knife and was used as the grounds for denying my transfer to the new county. My ccw is still valid at this point and I have a few weeks left to appeal. I have contacted a couple lawyers who are looking in to assisting me but I thought I would ask for advice on the internet.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I was even told by the denying officer that maybe I should go back to the other county and have them renew it but he would not without a judges ok.

    Very strange situation
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    first of all, Welcome to FTF and stop over in the Introductions Section and say hello to everyone.

    second, i think that going with a lawyer is your best bet as they can give you the proper legal advice that we here on the forum are not qualified to give. you may get some advice or even suggestions, but every situation and states laws are different, so please take that into consideration.