CCW Method - Consistent or Varied?

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by kilogulf59, May 9, 2007.

  1. kilogulf59

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    How consistant are you with your weapons and their modes of carry?

    My normal carry piece is my old Charter Arms 2-inch Undercover .38 Special, in a UM Super Belt Slide on a Bianchi 1 3/4 in. Garrison belt (3 o'clock, strong side) with a Speed-Strip in the pocket.

    However, in the real hot weather or when wearing just sweats, I will use a belly-band type rig (Gould & Goodrich). I'm also looking into Smart-Carry or Thunderwear as soon as the cash pool is filled up a bit.

    Generally I don't believe in variation in CCW's or their carry (this includes knives etc.). I figure if I need it I do not want to think about where it is or how it operates. This is a personal issue though and just my preference.
  2. tom98915

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    I agree on being consistent on how you carry. You don't want to have to think about where it is when in situation where seconds count and your personal safety is on the line.

    Another thing too is to practice drawing so you can be ready to protect yourself in a pinch. Just be sure it is unloaded when you do. You don't want to have an accident.

  3. mblake

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    I have 4 ways to carry depending on destination/situation.
    1. Deep carry like to a club is by shoulder holster t-shirt holster or ankle hoslster.( keeping the firearm coverd by my arm from close contact (slow dancing)

    2.Front Poket holster carry for casual outings no contact in loose paints.

    3. IWB holster side carry for crowded area (poker tables, casinos) and in dress/tighter paints.

    4. In the paints belly pack for travel- includes wallet and extra mag.
    I'm not really going for quick draw, just want my pistol on me and don't want it known.
  4. FALPhil

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    Hey! Is that a pistol in your pants, or are you just glad to see me? :D

    But seriously, I like the way you think. I carry differently based on circumstance. In the winter, it's almost always IWB, because I can drape a sweater, vest, or jacket over the Officers Model. Summertime is much different because it is so hot down here, we don't wear many clothes. So I might carry SOB under a T-shirt, or a mouse gun in the pocket of cargo shorts.
  5. Varro

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    Absolutely it varies. Sometimes it evolves in the psyche...I first started with carrying the "largest" damn caliber thinking that this was the only way...
    However, as I became proficient in my firing/training I started to vary the calibers to dress, weather, comfort, etc....
    During the past year I've used a shoulder rig, OWB, and with this terrible heat: a lot of pocket carry....:)
    One constant: weekly firing, sometimes only 1 box with my carry weapons...
  6. mortpes

    mortpes New Member

    Good solid habits help in a stressful situation. A person will most likely do whatever they have trained themselves to do. I strive to be consistent in training, wearing, and shooting.
  7. matt g

    matt g Guest

    I always carry the same pistol, in one of two ways. I shoot from both of those carries regularly, so they both feel fairly natural.
  8. Goomba

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    My carry differs depending on where I'm going and what I am wearing.

    Usually I carry my S&W99 .40 in a G&G pancake holster on my strong side, I've recently gone with a don hume IWB. I also carry a spare mag, usually with a small tac light on my left. the case is a G&G, that has an optional paddleback as well as belt loop.

    I also carry my .38 S&W model 36 in an old uncle mikes ankle holster, and I also keep a speed strip for the .38 in my front pocket. I work as an armed guard at a bank, and thats how I carry the back up. so it just seems to make sense to carry it off duty the same way.

    If for some reason I dont carry the .40 I transition to the .38 in a desantis pancake holster on my strong side.

    and I always carry my benchmade folder, a Knife is always a good tool, and works well as a weapon in a bad pinch.
  9. cnorman18

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    Kel-Tec .380 in a DeSantis Nemesis, right front pocket, with spare mag in a leather Bic lighter cover, loose in left front pocket, both 24-7.

    I'm a fat guy, so IWB and ankle carry are out. I rarely wear a heavy coat, even in winter, and I hate shoulder holsters anyway. I'm very comfortable and confident with pocket carry, and the P3AT is as close to invisible as it gets.

    Sure, I'd rather carry a .45, but it would end up in a drawer instead of on me when I need it. As it is, if I'm awake and wearing clothes, I'm armed--and if 13 rounds of Double Tap ball doesn't solve my problem, I suspect I'd be in need of an AK more than a .45 anyway.