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    I recently had a conversation with a friend who talked me into getting my ltc permit. He said he never carries in a bar because he never wants to be put into a situation in which he has fired his weapon and he has alcohol in his system. While I understand that as a great point, in a bar is one of the places I feel most concerned for my safety. I'm not a drunk by any means but I do occasionally stop and have a beer or two with a friend at a local bar. I am getting my permit to protect myself in these kinds of situations, but I totally get my friends hesitation. What are some of the other opinions out there concerning drinking and carrying? Again, being drunk is out of the question, I'm talking responsible drinking.
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    first of all need to check your states carry laws concerning carrying in a bar. every state has different laws concerning this. some you can't under any circustances, some you can if you're not drinking, some you can drink but not be over the legal limit for that state, ect., ect.,,,,

    check your state's carry laws. being in the wrong place at the wrong time carrying, could cost you your permit or freedom.

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    Here in Indiana you can carry, but NO DRINKING!!!!
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    I think even one drink could cause you a problem if the bang switch gets pulled better to not have it if drinking one in public is important to you go and have two
  5. c3shooter

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    Booze and powder do not mix well.
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    I don't drink when at a Bar/Restaurant/Party/Friends House, if I know I'm gonna be driving or carrying.
    Too many "unknowns" out there, when you leave. DUI Checkpoints, Sidewalk Stop&Frisk(NY thing), meeting Cops on Sidewalk and they smell Alcohol on Friends breath, so they stop you too. That would go over real good if they smell Alocohol on your breath and you packing. I know what you mean about some Bars, as that's the worse place to not have protection. Same when walking into a Bank, and nowadays a Church.
    Nah. Not worth it.
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    Not only is it illegal in my state to do so . A gun in a bar is just not a good idea imho .

    But seeing I don't drink and having my carry permit actually helped me to quit drinking. So it's really not a concern for me.
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    In many states you can not legally drink in your car setting in your drive way if you have the car keys. The sensitivity in America about alcohol use right or wrong is vengeful. Carrying firearms even legally is not always popular. Mixing a concealed weapon with alcohol use is asking for a felony charge. :eek:
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    You are planning on purposely carrying in a bar because you want to "protect myself in these kinds of situations". Don't put yourself in that situation. If you feel that uncomfortable that you feel you need protection, there's is something wrong. In this case, you should listen to your friend.
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    Here is a list your mother should have gone over with you. Some are early things to learn in life, some are later.

    No tongue on light poles or mail boxes in dead of winter. (Good summer advice also for different reasons)

    Look both ways when crossing the street

    On a date, keep mister perky in your pants

    Don't talk to strangers

    No smoking while pumping gas

    Salt your food after you taste it

    Do not mix drugs or alcohol with firearms
  11. danf_fl

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    I always ask myself...
    What is more important? The beer or self protection?

    And that is at home, also!
  12. Donn

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    The law here in Michigan says carrying in a bar is a no-no. That aside, common sense should tell you if you're gonna have a couple pops, leave the gun in the safe. Particularly if you frequent places where trouble simmers just under the surface.
  13. NC1760

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    SOON to be that way here in North Carolina too.
  14. rn-cindy

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    Just build a bar at your house, and have your friends over there. Thats what we did. The beer is cheaper, the snacks are better, and the bathrooms are clean. I dont think anybody needs to tell you what would happen if you presented a firearm in a bar with ANY.. alcohol in your system. BYE...BYE..Hope you get a nice hetero cell mate.
  15. hardluk1

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    The words responsible and drinking should never be in the same sentence. Want to drink any amount,, stay home or leave the handgun locked away. Some states may allow a small amount of alcohol in your system but IF you ever need your handgun you can be chanrged under the influence if you test any amount and that leaves you open to civil charges. . IN NC the amount of alcohol allowed is zero%. I do know some bars that have great food and they are currently in states that allow me to enter while CC'n. But Never to drink.
  16. rockratt

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    It is against the law to carry in a bar here as well. And as others have said even if it wasn't and you did end up using it with alcohol in your system you will probably never be able to defend your actions in court.
  17. indy36

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    Which begs the question, wouldn't you (we) almost be better off carrying pepper spray? You can blast and get away. People live but learn lessons.
  18. mseric

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    As AXX has pointed out right from the beginning, know your State Laws.

    Here in MN it is legal to carry in a bar open or concealed with a permit.

    BAC of .04 is a Misdemeanor.

    Repeat Offence above .10 is a Gross Misdemeanor.

    Gun and Permit are not subject to forfeiture.

    If you want to carry in the bar and it is legal, then do so, just do not drink.

    The question is what to do after you leave the bar.
    Lets say you left your carry piece in the car and went into the restaurant/bar with your wife for a meal and a few cocktails.

    You returned to your vehicle, climbed into the passenger seat, cuz your wife is driving as you have had too much alcohol to drive. As she is entering the vehicle she is suddenly attacked by a couple thugs robbing her and beating the hell out of her.

    You are in fear for her life, What do you do? You have been drinking, you have a firearm at your disposal and can save her from certain death.

    Do you get out of the vehicle unarmed and try and stop them?

    Do you sit in the car, lock the doors and call 911?

    Do you get out of the vehicle and run away screaming, Help me, Help me, somebody please help me?

    Do you pick up the firearm and shoot these thugs thus saving your wife's life and your marriage?

    Remember Alcohol and Guns do not mix!

    EDIT to Add others solutions.

    From Thewolf.
    Dig out a bright light. As the BGs and your wife are on the opposite side of the vehicle, walk around the front or rear of the vehicle and shine a bright light in the BG's eyes. They will run away from the bright light.
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  19. rn-cindy

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    Or if you dont think you can hold your own in that bar, find one with smaller customers.
  20. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    those are some very good questions. and a person that carrys and wants to have couple of drinks, needs to give some thought to those questions.