CCW if I might move in a year or less?

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by ravenslay3r, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. ravenslay3r

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    My local South Carolina range/school runs a $195 all-day CCW class once a month. If I want to make it in for January 5th i have to sign up ASAP. After the class the permit takes about 90 days to come through.

    The Permit gets me 11 states plus I'm told I can apply for Florida non-resident and get another 30 or so.

    Trouble is, I'm "looking" for a job, which will most likely require me to move, very possibly to California. This could happen as soon as mid January...

    So do I do the permit class/application while i'm in the right time/place/financial-state and get it done? Or would that be a bad investment, considering the circumstance?
  2. Varro

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    If you were in NM, I would say wait till you move...It took 11 weeks to get my permit, and that was for a renewal...:eek:

  3. hillbilly68

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    Up to you brother. I didn't check the states on for SC so I don't know if they have a non res permit. Most states (all?) will translate a res to a non resident with a simple address change. I am so happy that I did what I did when I did it for one move of mine. I got my permit about three months before I moved, and it had good reciprocity. More importantly, it transferred to a non res with a phone call. BTW, it is from one of the hardest states to get a CCW (not an "impossible" eg CA, NY) but difficult. My vote is do the SC if it has a non res. If not, punt until you know for sure. It will be irrelevent anyway if no non-res.
    good luck to you