CCW for Hunting?

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    First and foremost I want to thank all of you for such a great forum.

    I know I seem to ask alot of questions but I am honestly seeking answers.

    In the setting I'm in talking about guns( in any other context other than hunting) is almost like talking about politics & religion.

    You guys are a life line.

    I would like to know do I need a CCW to carry a pistol on private land while hunting? :confused:
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    Gonna have to give you the "it all depends" answer. Some states have a harebrained idea that being in a holster "partially" conceals a handgun, and requires a license.

    I deer hunt with a .357 with a 10 inch barrel, and it is not concealed- cross draw holster. VIRGINIA law exempts a hunter shielding a firearm in bad weather from the concealed weapons law.

    Now, if you are looking a carrying a BACKUP gun, concealed while hunting, and you are not IN YOUR HOUSE, and in Ohio, I think that requires a concealed carry permit.

    I'm not a lawyer- but here is the Ohio law- read for self, see what you think.
    Lawriter - ORC - 2923.12 Carrying concealed weapons.

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    Why not bypass all that nonsense and just openly carry a handgun that would be legal for hunting?
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    My friend lives in Toledo and said that Ohio is OC...but more in paper than in practice.

    Even so, I don't see why you couldn't OC your hunting pistol. They recently declared open season on wild pigs here in MI. Anyplace, anytime, no bag limits. Guys carry 10mm all the time "just in case" they see one.
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    Oh man,there will be a different answer for every hunting season for every state.I can't answer your question,but I can give you an example of what my state Michigan does.With a CCW,you may carry your gun anywhere,anytime,any hunting season,whether it be firearm or bow.But to non CCW holders-you may only carry a handgun during firearms hunting seasons,you can't carry one during bow season,even though concealed carry is legal on our own property without a CCW.And you may not carry a rimfire gun during firearms season,and you may not take game in bow season with a handgun if you do happen to have a CCW.That's the circumstance here.
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    Gator, Of course Colorado laws and Ohio laws will differ but this is how I handled it out here. Colorado hunting regs say that you may carry a handgun while hunting but that it must be out in the open. As you can imagine, hunting elk in November in the high country, it can be hard to be properly dressed and still have your handgun "in the open". I have a valid CCW permit and regularly carry, hunting or not. I went to the State Division of Wildlife web site, found a section where you can submit questions and ask if my CCW would exempt me from that rule. I received a response back affirming that it does, printed that E-Mail, and carry a copy of it with me in my vehicle. Game Wardens, like cops, don't always know all the fine points of every law so it is good to have an affirmative defense at hand.
    Hope this helps. :)
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    I got my CHP permit, lo these many years ago, just for such a question. Alaska law stated that you could have your handgun under a protective garmet and not be guilty of unlawfully concealing a weapon if you were engaged in an activity where one could "reasonably be expected to be armed". Such as hunting or fishing. Open to interpretation. Person making interpretation is LEO. No offense, but sometimes LEOs have a bad day and decide to let you share it. Having experienced this effect (in other circumstances) I thought "Get the permit, then you're cool even if he DOESN'T think you NEED a pistol under your raincoat while salmon fishing among large bear tracks." So I did. I've never had to show it to anyone. Do I regret spending the $ and time to take the course? Not a bit. No downside that I can see.
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    WannaGator I pretty much asked the same question you are now asking here of a Missouri Department of Conservation officer years B4 my state even had a CCW license here is basically what was said .

    I usually carried a backup pistol and asked if my hunting coat was covering it yet I had a rifle in my hands so he knew I was armed with something could I be charged with CCW .

    I was told it all depended on who I ran into because despite having an openly displayed weapon I was still in all honesty breaking the law having a concealed weapon on me .

    Now if you are on YOUR land you are perfectly fine at least here in Missouri you would be even prior to there being a legal way to do so , but the only exception there was before CCW was legal with a license was if you were the Manager of a business and on that property and actually working .