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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by supergus, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. supergus

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    A few months ago on another forum, someone asked about whether or not it made sense to get one of those Concealed Permit Holder badges. He got completely flamed( I have to admit I rolled my eyes too) But now that I actually carry, I've wondered about it. My main reasonings for wearing one are: you accidently "flash" or someone bumps you and figures out what they just touched. If they see a badge they are less likely to over react, even if they don't know what the badge says. I KNOW the odds of someone freaking out are slim but it could happen. Also, what if you are involved in an altercation and you have to draw your weapon. Again, people would see the badge and assume (correctly) that you are the good guy. How about a good "Flame Free" discussion?:D
  2. Mark F

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    NO badge. That would totally defeat the purpose of concealed carry... I have my Texas CHL license in my wallet, that's all that's needed.

  3. HowardCohodas

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    I've been on both sides at different times. I had one on order. They failed to deliver. I got my money back from the credit card company. I never reordered.

    I think this summarizes my analysis at the moment.
    Reasons to have a badge:
    1. Identify yourself to citizens in case of discovery, whether unintentially or as a result of a SD incident.
    2. Identify yourself to LEO in case of a SD incident.

    Reasons not to have a badge:
    1. There is no control to acquire a badge. Anyone can, even the bad guys. Their value in a LEO's eyes is minimum to negative.
    2. Some police departments consider flashing any badge resembling a police badge as impersonating an officer. This is not a good thing.
    3. Thinking a badge might prevent you from being shot when the police arrive after a SD incident are misplaced. The arriving police are suspicious of anyone holding a gun when they arrive. In the confusion you may still get shot.

    I see no reason to flame anyone who considers one. Personally, I no longer see the value and see potential danger.
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  4. supergus

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    Very valid points. I always tell others that you should never assume what an LEO is thinking or how he/she will react. I should have followed my own advice:rolleyes:
  5. raveneap

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    Agree wholeheartedly.
  6. Roastie

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    I hadn't seen one of those badges until a few months ago. Honestly I don't think they are a good idea. If an Officer comes on the scene they aren't going to care if you have a badge or not. They will care that you have a valid LTC/FID permit on you.

    The only thing the badge does is make you feel special :p and make the Officer tell you to explain why on earth you have it and wonder if you are using it for illicit purposes. :eek:
  7. Northwoods

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    Mark F and HoCo are absolutely correct. I agree 100%.
  8. robocop10mm

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    You would likely run afoul of an over zealous officer or prosecutor who would try to portray you as some sort of a vigilante or police impersonator.

    No badge.
  9. Benning Boy

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    +1 with Robocop. I keep reading that even a firearm with an aggressive name can get you hammered in court. Ammo is even politically incorrect if the company markets it as "Super Extreme Pitbull Manstopper Mach 20".

    Throwing a badge into the mix would likely get you portrayed in court as a wannabe Dirty Harry.