CCW at the Movies

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by JonM, Feb 25, 2012.

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    last time the wife and i went to the movies was just after the wisconsin ccw law went into effect and my favorite theater put up a no firearms sign. went to go see Act of Valor (damn good movie btw) and the pro-crime signs were gone!!

    wonder if its got anything to do with the aldi shooting a few weeks back?? heh. for those that missed it a goblin just starting to his life around entered an aldi's store (low priced grocery typically carries generic low cost goods) with a shotgun ignoring the no weapons sign. a customer lawfully carrying a handgun also ignoring the no firearms sign shot the goblin saving everyone in the store.

    in wisconsin a shop that posts is responsible for all gun violence that happens. if the shop doesnt post they are immune to lawsuits fron firearm discharges or robberies. wisconsin ccw law in a non-posted store puts the presumption of self defense and responsibility on the individual. posted stores assume all responsibility and liabilty for preventing individuals the right of self defense.

    i just think its interesting the theater is no longer posted :)