CCW and Airline Travel

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    Just thought I'd share my first and certainly not my last experience with flying and CCW. Flying out of Columbus, Ohio on Delta Airlines couldn't have been any easier than it was. The Delta ticket agents in Columbus and Daytona Beach, Florida couldn't have been anymore professional than they were. Declaring and checking the bag with the firearms I intended to carry while in Florida couldn't have been easier. They didn't seem to be concerned that I was traveling with firearms to carry at all. The only difference in their procedure was where the firearm declaration was placed. In Columbus, it was just put on top of the locked cases, while in Florida two declarations where signed and put into each individual locked case.

    Secondly I'd like to point out that Florida was the most gun friendly state I've ever been in. Every restaurant, shop or store we had occasion to visit allowed concealed carry. I didn't see the first place that it wasn't allowed.

    If you're planning any kind of airline travel, just check what their individual requirements are before you show up to check your bags. Also check out what the state and cities positions are when it comes to concealed carry. I personally have decided that I won't travel to any states that are anti-gun. Certainly don't let anti gun attitudes deter you from taking your firearms with you when you travel.
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    This is pretty much the exact same experience I had when flying from DFW to DEN and back. Everyone was so chill about it. But holy hell, when that little old lady tried to carry her bottle of hand lotion through TSA checkpoint, I thought they were gonna kill her right then and there.

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    I've had very similar experiences flying American, Delta, and Southwest out of numerous airports. I carry everywhere I go, so I always fly with my sidearm in my luggage. I've never had an issue.
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    Absolutely perfect advice. But I'll add one thing to it, if I may. Research the policy online and print a copy of it to bring with you. Just because you have done your homework and know the policy doesn't mean the guy behind the counter is up to speed regarding the rules.