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CCP to be issued in 30 days

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My permit expired several years ago so I had to go thru the whole process again. By law the State of Maine must issue CCP w/in thirty days. Im waiting now seven weeks. Ha! Imagine that...the Government not abiding by the law.
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It took just at 2 months for mine in Louisiana.

I had a "yes" (divorced) on my app, so it took longer.

Heard if you have all no answers (except US citizen), and bring it to Baton Rouge, it takes about 1 month.
Oddly enough in WA 10 miles north of the People's Republic of Seattle, I had mine in a week. Totally shocked... When I saw the envelope I thought I had been rejected. Filed and finger printed Wed came in mail following Tues.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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