CCI Clean-.22 Rimfire

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    Before I start some test shooting of this new ammunition I was curious to see just what CCI is using for propellant involving these rounds:

    The CCI Mini-Mag powder seems to have slightly larger diameter flakes with sort of a shiny coating. Coatings on the powder are generally used to control the burn rate.

    The CCI 22 CLEAN 1235 FPS powder charge has slightly smaller flake diameters and the powder seems to have a more dull coating finish.

    The CCI 22 CLEAN 1070 FPS powder seems to have even smaller flake diameters and a dark coating to control the burn rate.

    This is my .22 rimfire bullet puller that I made up from PVC unions and a ½ inch oak dowel. Cost was around $3.00, and works very well to get .22 lead slugs for slugging .22 rimfire bores.
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    CCI Clean is fairly new, have you looked at CCI Std. Vel. to see if it looks like the same powder, they are both 1070 FPS.