Cci .357 shot shells

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  1. mountainman13

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    I picked up a little box of them just to try out in my sp101. They were fun to shoot and probably just about perfect for a home defense round. They had about a 2' spread at tactical distance and patterned very well. Even the cup/wad is a potentially lethal projectile as you can see in the picture. This is 5 shots.

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  2. c3shooter

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    I load some 38/.357 shot loads, as well as .45 ACP shot loads- for snakes.

    For self defense, unless I am being attacked by a dove or squirrel, those simply do not have the mass to penetrate to an effective depth. The base wad might.

  3. mountainman13

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    Agreed they aren't going to penetrate very far but picking 135 pellets out of your face will definitely make you think twice about who's house you're in. Lol
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  4. robocop10mm

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    NEVER use a less lethal round for lethal defense. Chances of success are very limited. Chances of losing a law suit are very high. Lethal defense shold be lethal.

    For vermin control, I load the CCI shot capsules. I keep the load mild by their standards. I find a somewhat reduced load patterns much better.
  5. Steel_Talon

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    CCI 38/357 pistol shot is for killing slithering snakes not the walking creeping "bump in the night" snakes. For them you want heavy mass and velocity..

    Good Karma
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    That would turn me back, but i'm not a crackhead with a penchant for flatscreen TV's matching yours.

    I have had the thought that i would like a bean bag round as the first round in my shotgun (by the bed gun) in part to mitigate a mistaken shot fired at a misidentified target, but i'm not sure i would get to my second shot in time.
  7. tomingreeneco

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    When using a round for self defense you want to make sure you are the only one telling the story to the cops after the smoke clears. Bird shot from a .357 just don't cut it unless a couple of chipmunks are threaten' you.
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    The snakeshot will make sure that your intruder will live to sue you into oblivion for destroying his eyesight with the tiny pellets. An intruder entering an occupied residence is not simply a confused cat burglar. He either has malicious intent or drug impaired judgement. Either way he must be dealt with swiftly and surely, not antagonized. If you are not ready to fully defend yourself or loved ones, lock your firearms away and be sure that all have access to unlocked windows so you can attempt to sneak away and leave your home to the goblins.

    If you still prefer shot pellets, consider an ounce and a quarter of #2's at 1200fps. Your dealer has it in 12ga.