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Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by OandB, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. OandB

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    My CCL is expiring in August and I received a letter informing me that all I had to do was mail the my current CCL and my $20 check and they would mail me back my renewed license. My concern is that when I mail it, I am without my license but still would like to carry. I have a copy of it and it look just like the original. Canyons see any problems with that? I live in Alabam
  2. OandB

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    Sorry stupid iPhone. Last sentence should read, does anyone see a problem with that? I live in Alabama if that matters.

  3. JWagner

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    I do not know how Alabama does it , but in Arizona your concealed permit status is known to the police when they check your driver's license. A photocopy could not hurt (especially if is marked "copy"). Maybe checking with your local law enforcement would get you the answer.
  4. 7point62

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    Strange that they have you send your actual license back. In Florida, you have to send in a new photo and a check. You're probably okay carrying as long as your license is not allowed to expire. I'd do like the above, photocopy back and front and carry that during the lag time.
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    I would be careful about that! In Georgia, that would be
    a "Forgery" and you could be in a heap of trouble. I don't
    know about Alabama, but if you go thru Ga., it could be
    a problem.

    I definitely would check with your issuing agency, if I
    were you. Be careful. It could result in permanent
    revocation of your license! :eek:
  6. Daoust_Nat

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    In Florida you send in the application with the check, and they send you the renewal, but you keep your original. Since there is no link up with the drivers license here, it is good to have the original until the renewal comes back.

    In Alabama, I would call the issuing office and ask them. You can go on forgiveness is easier to get then permission, but you might be threatening your ability to continue to carry.