cb long rifle ammo a must for 50 yard and less kills

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  1. 22tackdriver

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    I use the cbee22 from remington out of my scoremaster model 511 and let me say for close quater kills there a must they only shoot about 740 fps with the hollow point you can't beat that moat other bullets going very fast blow right through the animal leaving it wounded thumbs upbringing remington for making this close up in you face ammo!
  2. hiwall

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    CB's are great ammo and I have shot many hundreds(thousands?). Like everything they have limitations. While great for squirrels and such they are a little lite for skunks and cats and like. Then a little step up to the long rifle subsonic is much better. Or regular hi-speed ammo.

  3. somawas

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    A couple of questions:
    1. How does the Remington CB 22LR ammo cycle in the Ruger 10/22?
    2. How does the Remington CB ammo stack up to the CCI subsonic 40 gr hollow point ammo?
    3. How much louder is the Remington 22 Subsonic ammo (38 gr/ 1050 FPS) when compared to the Remington CB 22 LR ammo? I suspect the CB is quieter.
    I'm currently using the CCI ammo with better than decent results, and from what I'm reading, the CB ammo flies slower than the CCI (740 to 1050 FPS) and is lighter (33 gr to 40 gr).
    I also shoot CCI CB Long (.22 Long, 29 gr/ 710 FPS) ammo out of a Remington Sportmaster 512-X (tube mag bolt), which from reading is "close" to the Remington CB ammo- with the CB being a "little more" effective according to the data.
    Finally, aside from my Ruger not really liking the Remington ammo in general, is all/ most Remington ammo dirty?