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Mike, I too am a conservative and have a very strong belief in the !,2,4,&5 Amendments, that there is good, and I live in county,which may not be perfect, but it has the ability to change and does so. In the late "60s" when I was an undergraduate our sociology instructor made the point that to function we must have more good people then bad because we didn't have enough cops to watch everyone, our society would fail if the reverse were true. I still believe that holds today. I also believe there are evil people and that there is a need for police and courts and prisons. Children need to be socialized , taught that there are others on the face of this planet. With some it takes longer than with others. I believe too that some people will never live long enough to understand that others have the same needs they do. Growing up we learned about bullies , we learned getting hit hurts, we learned that bullies needed to be fought if we were to be left alone and not bullied. It is easier to blame a victim, a skin color, blame an inanimate object like a gun, blame schools or society than it is to tell a perpetrator, " You have done wrong and now you will forfeit a portion of your life". I never thought I would see a day where a victim (citizen or cop) would be told by the perpetrators family,"- - -,but they was turning their life around. They only did it 'cause they wanted money to live like everyone else." Think about it, if you do A then B, then,D,E,F,G - - -, you-the victim, MAY walk free! You were not the perpetrator! I think that most people who choose to carry help make this a better place because the bullies are never sure who will fight back. Good people deserve to have good long lives.
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