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I don't know...
I think leftists view people as inherently bad, and draw from the philosophy of Hobbes, which leads to support of communism and socialism.
They view people as selfish, and want the government to provide. They view people as greedy and want redistribution.
They view people as bad, a killer lurking under the surface of everyone, and want guns banned in response.

Conservatives view people as inherently good, and draw on the philosophy of Locke, and want more individual freedom.
They want more people to keep their money, because they believe it will go to charity and good deeds
They think since people are inherently good, if everyone is armed, the bad guys will always be outgunned.
Conservatives want people to keep the fruits of their labor, because they believe that any man can rise above his limitations and circumstances, and rise to the top.

No... in my interactions, liberals are notoriously the driest, gloomiest, pessimistic people I've ever met.
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