CAUTION! You are about to enter a gun free zone

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    Caution! You Are About To Enter A Gun Free Zone
    By Mike S. Adams
    Monday, May 5, 2008
    I don’t have to remind my readers that I spend a good bit of my time disagreeing with campus leftists. Nor do I need to remind them that most of these disagreements are with leftist professors. But, until now, I haven’t written about one of the subjects upon which we frequently disagree. That is the subject of whether deterrence theory “works.”

    Conservatives and leftists (I have a hard time calling them liberals because of their fascistic tendencies) have a fundamentally different view of human nature. Leftists see humans as innately good. That is why they think rehabilitation works. It is also why they think the United Nations is a good idea. If people are innately good then, surely, they can talk out their problems without resorting to war.

    But conservatives have a more tragic view of human nature. We believe that people with innately destructive tendencies must be held in check. That is why we so frequently speak of traditional values. That is why we also speak of the need to have a punitive criminal justice system, which serves as a back-up plan when traditional values fail. The ideal system would mete out punishment that is swift, certain, and severe.

    In a nutshell, conservatives believe the Reagan military build-up produced the fall of the Berlin Wall. And we believe that criminals, like communists, are on their best behavior when they are afraid.

    Ever since I began my transformation from leftist atheist to conservative Christian I’ve been arguing with professors inclined to dismiss deterrence theory. Those professors usually fall into one of two groups. First, there are those who name a specific “get tough” program that they believe “hasn’t worked.” Second, there are those who just blandly assert that deterrence theory, in general, “doesn’t work.”

    Today, I plan to respond to both of these groups. Let me start with the second group.

    Every time I hear a professor say that deterrence theory “doesn’t work” I log on to his university web page to peruse his syllabi. And in each instance I find evidence that he really does believe in the efficacy of deterrence theory. That evidence comes in many forms such the assertion that “plagiarism will be punished under the academic honor code” or “those who miss more than two classes will have three points deducted from his or her final average.”

    Obviously, these professors seek to deter cheating and skipping class through the medium of punishment, not negotiation. That means the professors are hypocrites – not because they fail to live up to the things they say but because they do not even believe them in the first place.

    It is better to ignore these hypocrites altogether. But those in the aforementioned first group should be taken more seriously. Since they tend to rely on specific empirical data rather than broad theoretical assertions, I now invite them to participate in a little experiment meant to assess whether specific measures based on deterrence theory actually “work.”

    I want all of those leftist professors who say that having a gun in one’s home does not deter burglary to do the following:

    1. Post a sign on your front door saying “Caution: You Are About to Enter a Gun Free Zone.”

    2. Send a post card to, P.O. Box 319, Wrightsville Beach, NC, 28480. Just note that you have posted your sign and leave a return address so I can mail you a crime victimization survey this time next year.

    Next, I want all of those gun owners who say that having a gun in one’s home does, in fact, deter burglary to do the following:

    1. Post a sign on your front door saying “Caution: You Are About to Enter an Armed Household.”

    2. Send a post card to, P.O. Box 319, Wrightsville Beach, NC, 28480. Just note that you have posted your sign and leave a return address so I can mail you a crime victimization survey this time next year.

    There are also professors who continue to assert that actually carrying a weapon with a valid permit does not deter violent crime. For those, it will not be necessary to conduct a crime victimization study. There are already 15 refereed studies indicating that concealed carry permits reduce violent crime. While some published studies are inconclusive, none draw the conclusion that the permits increase violence.

    Nonetheless, some leftist professors continue to use scare tactics by ignoring the evidence and claiming that concealed carry permits do increase violence. Such assertions are immoral because they are dishonest.

    Such assertions are also careless because even those without guns are safer living in areas that allow citizens to carry concealed. This is because violent criminals do not know who has a gun and who does not. But, today, I plan to change all that by asking these leftists professors to write to to re-assert their opposition to concealed carry laws.

    After they send a post card to the address supplied above, I’ll send them a free t-shirt saying “Caution: I’m an Un-Armed Citizen.” If they get into trouble wearing it, they can always negotiate their way out of the situation.
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    Mike Adams rocks.

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    Excellent journalism!!! I wish my local paper would publish articles like that.
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    Thanks for the information but I will never ever give up my guns and I sure as heck don't support gun free zones which should be renamed criminal free zones :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Tomorrow I intend on posting the ARMED RESIDENCE posting just to possibly piss off the neighbors, I live in a a blue state, but a somewhat red county. We will see if I get my postcard next year about this time and what crime has affected my way of life.

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    Mike, I too am a conservative and have a very strong belief in the !,2,4,&5 Amendments, that there is good, and I live in county,which may not be perfect, but it has the ability to change and does so. In the late "60s" when I was an undergraduate our sociology instructor made the point that to function we must have more good people then bad because we didn't have enough cops to watch everyone, our society would fail if the reverse were true. I still believe that holds today. I also believe there are evil people and that there is a need for police and courts and prisons. Children need to be socialized , taught that there are others on the face of this planet. With some it takes longer than with others. I believe too that some people will never live long enough to understand that others have the same needs they do. Growing up we learned about bullies , we learned getting hit hurts, we learned that bullies needed to be fought if we were to be left alone and not bullied. It is easier to blame a victim, a skin color, blame an inanimate object like a gun, blame schools or society than it is to tell a perpetrator, " You have done wrong and now you will forfeit a portion of your life". I never thought I would see a day where a victim (citizen or cop) would be told by the perpetrators family,"- - -,but they was turning their life around. They only did it 'cause they wanted money to live like everyone else." Think about it, if you do A then B, then,D,E,F,G - - -, you-the victim, MAY walk free! You were not the perpetrator! I think that most people who choose to carry help make this a better place because the bullies are never sure who will fight back. Good people deserve to have good long lives.
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    Wow, a 9 year old thread comes to life.
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    Maybe so but it's amazing that the article is still as relevant today as it was then. And by the way I tend not to go into "Gunn Free Zones" as I am free not to!
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    Conservatives and leftists have a fundamentally different view of human nature. Leftists see humans as innately good. That is why they think rehabilitation works.

    My observation Both Conservatives and Liberals each carry Keys or use a Password, PIN, swipe card /Id card of some type, both have something they lock up, wither its a automobile, home / appartment, or office filing cabinets / desk computers, all containing materials they dont want the general public to have use of or see till test time.
    Why? They say locks and passwords are to keep honest people honest, in other words they are forms of deterrence, the firearm is for when dishonest people show up.

    Ask your self this? If I carry a spare tire in my car in case of emergency why would I need to lock my door but not have a gun?

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    I don't know...
    I think leftists view people as inherently bad, and draw from the philosophy of Hobbes, which leads to support of communism and socialism.
    They view people as selfish, and want the government to provide. They view people as greedy and want redistribution.
    They view people as bad, a killer lurking under the surface of everyone, and want guns banned in response.

    Conservatives view people as inherently good, and draw on the philosophy of Locke, and want more individual freedom.
    They want more people to keep their money, because they believe it will go to charity and good deeds
    They think since people are inherently good, if everyone is armed, the bad guys will always be outgunned.
    Conservatives want people to keep the fruits of their labor, because they believe that any man can rise above his limitations and circumstances, and rise to the top.

    No... in my interactions, liberals are notoriously the driest, gloomiest, pessimistic people I've ever met.
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    "Drawing on" theories from different philosophies is meaningless.

    What matters is conclusions, power and enforcement.

    Given a corruption of power, a lack of power, unfair conclusions, uneven enforcement or unbalanced power, it doesn't matter what the original philosophy was.
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    No go to,

    Federal Buildings
    Post Office
    Police stations
    Court houses
    Voting places
    Athletic events