caution people about something very dangerous.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by opaww, Jun 24, 2009.

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    I would like to take a few minutes and caution people about something very dangerous. That is the making of home made fireworks and explosives /explosive devices. Just a few days or weeks ago can’t remember exactly a teenager was killed by his home made explosive.

    Sadly this loss could have well been prevented. When messing around with home made fireworks and/or explosives one is taking a huge risk. Most times the explosive is somewhat unstable or does not react as a person thinks it should. We are approaching the 4th of July and the desire to make a bigger better bang is tempting to us all. I know you have heard, “let the experts do it”, and some times the temptation is just too much.

    I have handled Military grade and home made explosives for many long years while on active duty. Sense I am no longer in the military I have no need to do so, and I can say with all honesty is that explosives still make me break out in a cold sweet when I handle them.

    I also know some people view the making of homemade explosives as a necessary evil if the SHTF. They may well be right but the SHTF has not happened yet and the need to play with explosives is not present. Learn how if you like but don’t put it to practice, just learn the theory.

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    +1 to that opaww.Good way to get hurt.