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    My suggestion is gun catalog software. Have a free or inexpensive copy for download on the site website. I've looked for some in the past and came across one, but it doesn't work. Think it's just such a old version and the writer isn't updating it for new operating systems.

    Something that would allow you to log serial number, special markings on the firearm, make, model, etc.
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  3. Shooter

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    I don't write OS based software. It would have to be a web based application and if I know gun owners correct not many would use it in fear of the information being leaked regardless of how safe the data claimed to be.
  4. MudHog

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    I wouldn't use web base software either, but a OS program would be the ticket. Something like this is what I'm talking about:

    Maybe we can get him to join the forum and share his software with the users of this forum.
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    You can always try my application for 30 days..the My Gun Collection application was create to help manage your gun collection. The My Gun Collection application was carefully designed to allow you to quickly get details about a specific firearm all with the click of the mouse. With an easy to Use interface - the firearms in your collection are listed on the side of the application sorted by the Name alphabetically. You have the option to view all the firearms in stock, the ones you sold or by all. It has the ability to save data entry time by using an auto suggest feature for common information (Manufactures, Models, stores, caliber, etc.).

    Print out reports such as: BATFE C&R (Curio and Relic) Bound Book Report, Quick Firearm Inventory Report, Ammunition Inventory Report, and For Sale Flyer. Keep track of the cost and value (both appraised and realized) of your collection. Easy to use Backup and Restore Applications are provided with this application. The Pictures that you provided will also be backed up.

    Over all, whether or not you have a huge gun collection or just a few firearms on hand, this application can help you keep track of useful information for your own personal gain, and even BATFE standards for reports and record keeping.

    It Currently it is at version 2.3 but version 3.0 is expected to be release on the 13th of this month. For a list of what was added or fixed you can check out the support forum post Version 3.0 (Exp Released on 9/13/2008) - Pre Release Notes

    Price: $14.95
    Upgrades are Free!!
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    I agree with making your own. Use a database program or a spreadsheet, customize it as you want and save to your hard drive or print out a copy. Make it as simple or detailed as you want. No relying on someone else's program that may have things on it you don't want or understand. Nothing wrong with gunners making a buck though.
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    The two I have used are Excel or Access both by Microsoft. You could also use its freeware counterpart Open Office.

    Access is a database program that is very good for low level databases you are not going to have the power to say catalog all the M-1 tanks in the US military inventory. But for cataloging personal firearms it would work great.

    If someone doesn't know how to use Access I could build you one in a matter of a few weeks.

    Just let me know what you want to include as far as information. I use:

    Serial Number
    Barrel length
    Year of manufacture
    Sight type
    Purchase price
    Date purchased
    Blue Book Value
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    My gun collection is pretty small at present so I don't calaogue it, but I do have other collections, one of which has over 2000 pieces in it and I use a spreadsheet to catalogue it.
    Works ok.
  9. cpttango30

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    The only thing I see bad about using a spread sheet is the fact that it is slightly more diffacult to use.

    That is why I like to use an Access database. Here is a snap shot of what my entry form looks like for my database.

  10. cbw

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    Are you willing to mail share your database shell for others to use? It's looks like it's set up real well. I currently use excel and it's ok but your front for your database looks great. If your willing to share please send me the shell or the entire thing and I'll empty it and add my own.

  11. nmCollector

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    Thanks for the invitation. :) I am the author of NM Gun Collector software. However, I have written a new program I call NM Collector JE. It is written in Java so, unlike NM Gun Gollector, it can be run on any platform that supports Java 6. Also, it is more flexible now so you can track multiple types of collections not just Guns. It still has the A&D features for gun collectors but is more flexible as well.

    I offer a free version and a subscription. I would like to offer a free one year subscription to members of this forum who read this post. Just download my Evaluation Version from (NM Collector JE) and enter the subscription information below.

    Customer ID: {Firearms Talk}
    Activation Key: {9x8N6vZkSqRz4P0uNd4wag==[cjp]830oD6ygfekodwL4xoMfSw==}

    Since it is relatively new I am still adding features - let me know what you think of it.


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    I do it the simple way. I take 4-5 digital pictures of each firearm the add text to note serial # and any special features (grips, stocks, scopes, ect). I keep a copy on my hard drive, a copy on cd in the safe and another cd copy at a family members house. I do the samething with cars, electronics, collectable and other expensive items. If you do this make certian the date stamp is on when taking the picture.

    I think a picture is worth 1,000 words and if one of my firearms were stolen the picture will stick in the mind of law enforcement more than a description with a serial #.
  13. RangeLogger

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    Online Solution: www.

    Don't let the word "online" scare you - the site is safe and secure, with your data only available to YOU.

    This is not for dealers and collectors, but for gun owners and competition shooters to track personal firearms and log shots.

    I have tried one computer/download-only solutions, but the first time your computer is stolen or your hard drive cannot be retrieved, you will look for simpler way. Plus, there is no need to upgrade and/or purchase new software every time you make a change to your computer.

    I invite everyone to check it out while the site is free - it includes a shooting range search and firearms catalog.
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    NM Collector Software JE (any collection, any platform)

    sorry but nothing on-line is safe. nothing. just do a little research on hackers and identity theft to find out how secure your information is on-line. now, if you are not dealing with anything sensitive and it doesn't matter if a hacker gains access to it then on-line is OK. otherwise, on-line should scare every one.

    I develop web applications for a living and we use the best security methods possible. However, there are many ways to hack into a site including human factors that can not be controlled no matter how secure your code is. I chose to develop my NM Collector Software JE to run off of a USB flash drive for several reasons, one of which being that it can be locked up when not in use.

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    Version 2.3 of NM Collector Software now available

    Changes in NM Collector Software version 2.3.0 (see complete history of changes here)

    * Clearly marked first field on Identification Tab as the Bar Code field

    * Improvements to Events tab

    *Improvements to Maintenance tab

    *Clean up, reformat, and improve functionality of Collection Types and all List Edits Screens

    [*]Fixed bug with one insert right after another losing data from previous

    [*]Fixed issues with data not being saved unless tab was pressed after
    each entry

    *Improved existing collection types by changing first [Bar Code] field to Unique ID


    [*]Home Inventory


    *Created new collection types for:





    *Created new reports to more easily report out on new collection types:

    [*]Simple Inventory (all Identification tab fields)

    [*]Simple Inventory with Notes (all Identification tab fields plus Description tab Notes fields)

    Clay Pryor
    NM Collector Software
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    NM Gun Collector Software Now Free

    I know this is an old post but I have a new development for you all. I have decided to make my old NM Gun Collector Software available for free. It is the full feature version that, although very old, was very popular and if you follow the special installation instructions for Windows Vista and Windows 7 it will work on both. The only drawback is I do not support it any more but it is so stable nobody ever asks for support anyway.

    So far I am not advertising this outside of DMOZ and this forum. You can download it from here: Free Gun Collector Software


    Clay Pryor Home