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  1. pseudolus

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    Was wondering a couple of things.
    First, good sources for casting dies
    Second, in this day and age, better sources of lead and supplies
  2. JonM

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    I have been ordering lead through rotometals. Still cheaper than buying bullets.

    Im using lee 6 cavity mold since there is no pounding to get the sprue plate off it is really fast. I can crank out a couple hundred bullets in just a few minutes.

    Im also liking the lee alox lube since im not running real high speeds its working great. Small amount coats em when shaken in a plastic bucket then i spread em on wax paper like the instructions say and let dry overnite.

    Im also using a lee sizing die to size them.

    As far as a distributer for casting equipment its websearch and shopping :(

  3. nitestalker

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    The casting is done with mold blocks. Sizing if needed is accomplished with a lube and size dies. It depends what you want to cast? In the case of plinking loads follow the other post aluminum molds and Alox tumble lube. Wheel weights will suffice for this type of shooting.
    If you intend to mold rifle bullets quality steel mold blocks and gas checks would be in order. Cast bullets running above 1,500 FPS need more attention. The secret is to slug the bores you are casting for and size bullets .001" above bore size. If you are casting for Micro-Groove you may need as much as .004" above bore size. Get the Lyman Cast Bullet Guide and study alloys such as Linotype, Monotype, Sterotype, Foundry lead and BHN factors.:)
  4. locutus

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    Lyman bottom pour pot

    Lyman molds (mostly)

    Lyman 450 Lubri-sizer, (Wish I had a Star)

    Mostly Thompson Blue Angel lube, (or Tamarack)

    Wheel weights.

    Hornady gas checks where needed.

    Beeswax for fluxing.

    Of course, I'm still kinda new at it. Only been casting since 1966.:D
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    I too, use mostly Lyman equipment. I have some Lee molds. The work well. I do not like the tumble lube molds.

    Check out Jake's Products bullet lubes. About half the price of Thompson and works very well. I use the Jake's Purple Ceresin lube for everything.