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9 x 18 Mak. Lee 95 gr. RN

9 MM 125 gr. TC sized .358.

38/357 Lyman 357443 160 gr. SWC,Lyman 358477 150 gr. SWC,Lee 158 gr. TL SWC and 158 gr. TL RN,Lee 158 gr. GC SWC,NOE double crimp groove GC 160 gr. SWC-HP

30-30,300 Sav. Lee 150 & 170 gr. GC RNFP,Lee 90 gr. TL SWC

7.62 x 39 & 54r Lee .312 GC TL RN.

Bullets are cast from pure lead,50/50 or wheel weight alloy. WW alloy is either air cooled,water dropped or heat treated depending on application. Gas checks are not always used on gas check style bullet depending on the velocity there fired at.

Spent the day with my shooting,reloading and casting buddy smelting various forms of pure lead,Wheel Weights and lino and made over 500 lbs. of ingots. That will make about another 20K+ bullets of various calibers and weights.
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