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38 Special--125gr RN, 160gr RN, 160gr SWC / Bullseye, PB, 2400
357 Magnum--Same as above. 358242, 357446, 358311, Lee 160 SWC-GC / above + Herco, 4227 and AA #9
10mm Auto--Lee 150gr SWC / PB. 2400, Herco, AA #9
6,5X55 Swede--266469 140gr RN / 4227, Varget, 4831(jacketed)

My lead supply is primarily WW and range recovered lead blended to give 14-17 BHN. No extra hardening done--bullets are sized .002 over bore (most important). After seeing no advantage, and in some cases worse leading with harder bullets, I discontinued the tempering and water drop practice.

All use Voodoo Red, synthetic lube, and while the Glock 20 in 10mm is pushed to 1300+ fps, very little leading is evident and after the first 50 or so with this lube, in this gun, any light leading now, wipes out with a tight patch, no brushing necessary.

357 Magnum rounds at 1400-1600 fps also have very manageable leading, with no gas checks. Bore was 'broke in' using the Krieger routine which to my amazement, greatly reduced copper and lead fouling.
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