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.45acp Laser Cast 200gr SWC with W231 - IPSC standard division major load, individual rounds punch perfect circles the full diameter of the bullet, recoil is very controllable. My P14, Colt Commander and Ruger SR1911 love this one.

.40S&W 200gr D&J TC with 231 (D&J is out of business but I had a ton of these bullets on hand). Not really a load for beginning reloaders to consider. Pressure with a 200 gr bullet in the .40 can go from fine to OMG! in the blink of an eye....or if the temperature changes too much. Never load and test these in winter and then go to the range in the middle of July thinking your load is might go BOOM! instead of bang.

I just got a few pounds of Power Pistol powder and I am going to start building up loads with it using 200gr Laser Cast SWC in .45 and 170 gr Laser Cast SWC in .40.
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