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    What are you using lead for, Calibers and Powders???

    9x19 124gr RN and W231
    10mm 170gr SWC 180gr RN both w/ W231
    .44-40 160gr RN 205gr FN Unique
    .357 158grSWC W231
    6.5x55 135gr FNGC IMR4064
    8x57 175gr FNGC and 180gr Spire pointGC and 4064
    .308 170gr FNGC 4064
    7.5x55 170gr FNGC 4064
    9.3x57 285gr FNGC 4064

    9x19 is awesome. Fun cheap shooting.
    10mm 170grSWC is more accurate then 180gr, but the 180gr is not bad.
    .44-40 160gr is accurate to 75 yards, 205gr is great to 100+ (using a n 1892 clone) Avatar shows the results.
    .357 very accurate and easy to handle (S&W model 19-4)
    6.5x55 VG deer or small game round out to 150 yards
    8x57 175gr is very accurate, again to 150 yards for hunting, 180gr Spire point has to be driven at very low velosities. Pretty useless
    .308 Fun effective 100 yard round
    7.5x55 same as above
    9.3x57 Shoots as well and perfoms as well at 150 yards as a 286gr partition, problem is it costs about the same after shipping.
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    How fast are you going to push the Bullets???? You can use straight wheel weights for bullets up to abt. 1,000 fps. From there on up you will need harder lead. You can drop your bullets from your mold into a bucket of water to make them harder and if your wanting more you can gas check them. I have pushed some hard cast gas checked bullets to 2,700 fps with no leading.

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    .45acp Laser Cast 200gr SWC with W231 - IPSC standard division major load, individual rounds punch perfect circles the full diameter of the bullet, recoil is very controllable. My P14, Colt Commander and Ruger SR1911 love this one.

    .40S&W 200gr D&J TC with 231 (D&J is out of business but I had a ton of these bullets on hand). Not really a load for beginning reloaders to consider. Pressure with a 200 gr bullet in the .40 can go from fine to OMG! in the blink of an eye....or if the temperature changes too much. Never load and test these in winter and then go to the range in the middle of July thinking your load is might go BOOM! instead of bang.

    I just got a few pounds of Power Pistol powder and I am going to start building up loads with it using 200gr Laser Cast SWC in .45 and 170 gr Laser Cast SWC in .40.
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    I use
    .38/.357 Lyman mold 172 grain SWC
    .44 Mag Lyman mold 240 grain SWC GC and 310 fgrain LEE mold SWC GC
    .45 ACP Lyman mold 225 grain RN
    .45 Colt Lyman mold 255 WC GC and 325 grain LEE mold SWC GC

    .30-30 Lyman mold 168 grain flat point GC

    .45-70 Lyman mold 385 grain RN GC.

    All cast from wheel weights, dropped into cold water.
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    9 x 18 Mak. Lee 95 gr. RN

    9 MM 125 gr. TC sized .358.

    38/357 Lyman 357443 160 gr. SWC,Lyman 358477 150 gr. SWC,Lee 158 gr. TL SWC and 158 gr. TL RN,Lee 158 gr. GC SWC,NOE double crimp groove GC 160 gr. SWC-HP

    30-30,300 Sav. Lee 150 & 170 gr. GC RNFP,Lee 90 gr. TL SWC

    7.62 x 39 & 54r Lee .312 GC TL RN.

    Bullets are cast from pure lead,50/50 or wheel weight alloy. WW alloy is either air cooled,water dropped or heat treated depending on application. Gas checks are not always used on gas check style bullet depending on the velocity there fired at.

    Spent the day with my shooting,reloading and casting buddy smelting various forms of pure lead,Wheel Weights and lino and made over 500 lbs. of ingots. That will make about another 20K+ bullets of various calibers and weights.
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    38 Special--125gr RN, 160gr RN, 160gr SWC / Bullseye, PB, 2400
    357 Magnum--Same as above. 358242, 357446, 358311, Lee 160 SWC-GC / above + Herco, 4227 and AA #9
    10mm Auto--Lee 150gr SWC / PB. 2400, Herco, AA #9
    6,5X55 Swede--266469 140gr RN / 4227, Varget, 4831(jacketed)

    My lead supply is primarily WW and range recovered lead blended to give 14-17 BHN. No extra hardening done--bullets are sized .002 over bore (most important). After seeing no advantage, and in some cases worse leading with harder bullets, I discontinued the tempering and water drop practice.

    All use Voodoo Red, synthetic lube, and while the Glock 20 in 10mm is pushed to 1300+ fps, very little leading is evident and after the first 50 or so with this lube, in this gun, any light leading now, wipes out with a tight patch, no brushing necessary.

    357 Magnum rounds at 1400-1600 fps also have very manageable leading, with no gas checks. Bore was 'broke in' using the Krieger routine which to my amazement, greatly reduced copper and lead fouling.
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    .380 acp: 95 gr, Bullseye & AA#5
    9 mm: 147 gr, Unique & AA#5
    .38 Special: 125 gr, 158 gr, Bullseye & Unique
    .357 Mag: 158 gr & 180 gr, AA#5, Unique & 2400
    .40 S&W: 155 gr & 180 gr, AA#5, Unique, Bullseye
    .45 ACP: 200 gr & 230 gr, Bullseye, Unique, AA#5, HS-6
    Mostly Missouri Bullets Products, though there are a couple oddballs.