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Cartridge Dent

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New owner here with a tactical series picked up last week. Put 10 rounds downrange at 50 yds with surprising accuracy on irons. After picking up ejected brass 15-20 feet away, noted small dent about midway up and scratching/minor goughing at cartridge base edge. Anything I need to be concerned about?
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Or it is still a little too new and needs more rounds through it.

I get a few dents from my charging handle as the brass is ejected. You will also dent the top cartridge if you load the magazine with the bolt closed.

I just checked 5 random cases from my last outing I too have minor scratches and light gouges at the cartridge base

The gouges have to be from the extractor, the scratches, not sure.

For completeness my mini is a regular old ranch rifle had 1k rounds before it went to Gundoc for TLC and about 1k since.
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