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Cartridge Dent

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New owner here with a tactical series picked up last week. Put 10 rounds downrange at 50 yds with surprising accuracy on irons. After picking up ejected brass 15-20 feet away, noted small dent about midway up and scratching/minor goughing at cartridge base edge. Anything I need to be concerned about?
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sign of a couple possible things. overgassed (possibly), underweight buffer (very likely), light weight bolt carrier (not liekly), understrength recoil spring (possible).

whats happening is the bcg is cycling so fast the brass is thunking the rear of the ejectio port or brass deflector really hard. the scratches are a sign of that as well as the brass is being ripped from the chamber before pressure has dropped enough.

you can correct overgassing by heavier buffers and fullauto bolt carrier groups.
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