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    i'm pretty new to cc and i have never been pulled over by an officer while carrying. i just want to get your opinions if it's okay to have your ccw on your person when the officer walks up to your car with my hands resting on the steering wheel of course and a show of courtesy by letting the officer i am carrying a legal firearm. any input if this is ok?
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    I hand my lcf to the cop with my drivers license. Here in pa we do not have to inform the officer but I do out of respect.

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    Get yourself the "Traveler's Guide to the Firarm Laws of the Fifty States" from the NRA store. It's very informative. Read the How too, first.
    Many states do not require you to inform the LEO, but some do by law. I do not give any information to a LEO that is not required. I have considerable respect for them, but, in the end they are the friend of a prosecutor, not yours.
    Whatever you are asked, tell the truth and follow Leo's instructions, and be courteous.
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    I live in Georgia and here we don't have to to inform the officer of anything. But my theory is i would rather be upfront about it than to surprise the officer. Always say you have a permit first, don't just blurt out " i have a gun". I always say "sir i would just like to let you that i do have a valid weapons carry permit and there is a firearm on my person."
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    thanks for the input. that helps me a lot in my decision of whether i would keep it secured on me or encased in my vehicle's compartment. my preference is really to have my ccw on me.
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    There must be some lame permit instructors running around out there. When you took your training class it should have been clearly explained what to do in your state when you are pulled over by law enforcement.

    I live in NC. Here we are required to inform the officer that pulls you over that you have a weapon. We are instructed to have both hands on the steering wheel and wait for instructions from the officer. It seems like a bit much since the officer knows you have a permit if he runs your tag before pulling you over.

    Regardless, it's up to you to know the laws in your state. You should know what to do when you encounter law enforcement before you are issued a permit. In NC we are required to follow the same protocol if we have a weapon in the vehicle or not. Once the officer knows you have a concealed permit he is going to assume you have a weapon, until he is sure that you are unarmed or he has finished his business with you.
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    I don't tell them. I just hand them my CC permit and drivers license and when they ask if I am armed, I tell them yes. I then follow all instructions as to how the officer wants to proceed.
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    I am not required to inform the officer by law HERE- and running my tags will get you the name of the leasing company if driving my company ride.

    However, I do NOT need to spike the nice young police officer's blood pressure, or scare him out of a month's growth by surprising him. Professional courtesy.

    "Evening, officer. Concealed carry permit holder. " *Hands OL and CCW to officer*
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    We do not have to have a concealed carry permit. Any resident can carry a concealed weapon and does not have to inform the officer of the handgun. I was stopped for speeding and I did inform the LEO. He said, Ok I will make you a deal you don't draw on me and I won't draw on you and laughed. But he wrote me a $75 dollar speeding ticket.:(
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    I do the same. And I am not required to either. A bunch of my friends are LEO. They say they appreciate it when someone lets them know. I got pulled over by a cop I didnt know. I was doing 52 in a 35. I was respectful. I admitted that I was speeding. He said he appreciated my honesty and let me go.
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    Helpful on your state and read away. My state is a must inform state and my CCW comes up to the officer when he/she runs my tags so if I fail to inform I can be in a spot of trouble...Theres's one thing that can guarantee you will never have any problems whatsoever....

    don't get pulled over!! ;)
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    I'm not required to and I don't I work with LEO every work day and they don't either I'm not doing anything wrong and I owe no one an explanation as to how I dress or whether I'm carrying or not.
    I'm a free American (so far) not looking for trouble so why complicate matters in a routine traffic stop by saying "Oh btw officer I'm armed!" I'm far more comfortable when no one knows just the kindly older gentleman never meaning no harm. I have lcf in ME, NH, MA, and of course VT has the best law of all! The peoples republic of Massachusetts is getting to be a real pain and seeing as how I seldom go there I may forgo the next renewal.
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    In Wash. you don't have to tell and the permit isn't ,as far as I know attached to your car plates.That being said I always tell any LEO I come in contact with that I am legally carrying concealed.I haven't had that many interactions with them here, but I have never had a bad response.A WSP officer that was taking my statement after an accident ,came back and asked me what I was carrying and then how I liked my XD, as he was in the market for a new EDC weapon himself..
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    Down in Texas, you have to hand them both DL and CCW permit if you are carrying. If not carrying, then you can just give them ur DL but it will come up when they run ur DL so it is best to just give it to them. They ask if you are carrying and either yes or no. Plus it informs the officer I am a good guy (no felony's) and they are USUALLY more forgiving.
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    In FL you have to have your DL and CCW when carrying. Informing isnt required here. I inform out of respect, usually they are cool if you do. Got pulled with a friend, he was speeding after a day at the range. We had prob 15 to 20 long and short guns in the SUV. I informed the LEO who started saying where's it at real angry like and put his hand on his sidearm. I think he was really scared and he looked like a rookie. I had my CCW and DL between my index and bird finger and had both hands in sight away from my body. I answered with IWB strong side which confused the crap outta him. After I told him in layman terms where it was, he told me to lean forward and he disarmed me. Ran the serial and gave it back to me unloaded and said since I cooperated he didn't need to hold me for hours while he ran all the other guns. He told me to take off my rig when I am in a vehicle in case I get pulled over. Bad advice btw, I do not recommend this. He also said it was surprising I was carrying the same as him, Glock with Gold Dots. Every other encounter has been much more peaceful. Like it's said above, don't surprise cops!
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    In Michigan by law you have to inform them if you have a firearm on you. Ive only been pulled over once with my Cpl and I was on my motorcycle on the way to my Lgs. He turned his lights on 30feet away from the enterance of my Lgs so I pulled in, parked and as soon as he got off of his motorcycle I told him I had my Cpl and I was carrying a firearm. He really didnt seem to mind. We talked about Harleys and guns for a minute and asked me where I was headed. I told him I was going to go look at a new carry weapon. He asked what kind and he said he carried a Sig off duty and told me a few pointers as to what would work for me as a carry weapon and off he went.
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    I would follow the laws of you're state.Every state is different in Fl it is my responsibility to let an Leo know that I have a weapon before anything else happens I do carry my ccl with my dl.I've yet to be pulled over but I know that I will need to have my hands in plain view declare my weapon and follow instructions.My bil was pulled over with his and the officers involved after about 15-20 min let him go without giving him a ticket for the original reason for the stood.Not saying that's what will happen to you.Know you're state laws.
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    Did the law change or was I mistaken about FL? Any LEO's here have an opinion about declaring even when not required?