Carrying in Casinos

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by denverr1, May 12, 2013.

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  1. denverr1

    denverr1 New Member

    Went to the Hard Rock last night for wedding anniversary (17years ) I was carrying like I do every day and debated if I should or should not carry into the Casino I have heard mixed reviews if it was ok or not to carry in casinos but I NEVER leave my firearm in car ! I don't know what you guys think but to me When I got my CCW permit I take full Responsibility of my firearm from the minute I put it on in the morning till I get home and take it off to sleep. And to me by taking it off in a car and putting it in the glove box or secure it and leaving it unattended is not right to me! And that's where laws are so F--cked up!! To me I think if you're gun gets stolen out of your car ,YOU screwed up for leaving it unattended in your vehicle! But that's just me Well anyways long story short I carried my 10 mm Glock 29. Into the casino. Things went well went on about my business and kept it concealed like I am supposed to do with my concealed carry permit and no problems whatsoever What do you guys think about carrying into the casino or leaving the firearm into car
  2. ShagNasty1001

    ShagNasty1001 New Member

    I wouldn't. I work in a casino and know they take that stuff very seriously. Now my casino is ran by Native Americans and its a federal crime to have any type of weapon on the premises. If you're in Vegas, I'm not sure if they're Native owned or not but I'd stray on the side of caution and leave it at home

  3. rifleman1

    rifleman1 New Member

    i know here in northern california the indian casinos do not like you to carry on there premises so when i go which is seldom, i just leave it in my lock box under the seat.
  4. deadsp0t

    deadsp0t New Member

    Just so long as you understand that by breaking that law, if caught its likely a felony and you would lose your right to own firearms period if caught.
  5. SSGN_Doc

    SSGN_Doc Well-Known Member

    If on state/public land you would need to comply with state laws. Some states prohibit carry in any establishment that serves alcohol. Some prohibit carry in the areas of establishments where the alcohol is served, such as in the actual bar section of a restaurant or hotel. Other states have no restriction.

    Next line of reason would be to call an establishment in advance and find out about their policy, if the state allows a business to deny carry on their property. Same would seem to apply in Indian lands as well.
  6. bobski

    bobski Active Member Sponsor

    like theres not enough guns in a casino strapped to the guards looking after few cool million?
    whats your little gun gonna do besides get in the way.
    youre lucky it didnt set off alarms and get you scanned.
    i would have left it home.
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  7. Fathead00

    Fathead00 New Member

    You applied for your license which you said that you would follow the LAW. Well does the law state that you can carry in a casino? It probably doesn't. Why don't you try to carry into a federal government building next. Being a responsible LAW abiding citizen and a CCW does mean YOU should follow these laws. If you don't like leaving your firearm in your vehicle then buy a firearm lock box for your vehicle. I leave mine in my vehicle whenever I enter a building that I can't carrying by LAW.
  8. indy36

    indy36 New Member

    Bingo on the above. Get caught and you'll never carry a gun again.
  9. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine is a Sheriffs Deputy. When he went to Las Vegas he identified himself as an off duty police officer when he entered a casino. They were very nice and professional with him. But they made him lock it up while he was there. He said they gave him a tour of the security area and everything. But he was not allowed to carry. They gave it back to him when he left. I am sure it would have been different if it was in his jurisdiction.
  10. AR10

    AR10 New Member

    In Nebraska if a establishment with a liquor license makes more than half of their income on alcohol sales, no concealed carry allowed.

    Who designed that law. Goofie from Disney? Lol

    I guess you ask to see their most recent tax forms.

    Restaurant yes, bar no, casino yes? When in doubt, leave in car. Get a car safe.
  11. mudpupp

    mudpupp New Member

    OMG People!!

    Nevada State Law say's you can carry anywhere that is not a federal or county building, or any building that says you can't AND has metal detectors at EVERY public entrance.

    You can CCW in Casinos. I do it every time.

    There are no signs asking you not to, and all they can do is ask you to leave if for some reason they figure out you have one.

    We have gun shows in the casino's for God's sake!!

    It's called concealed for a reason and there is no law against it in this very gun friendly state.


    Las Vegas, NV

  12. Fathead00

    Fathead00 New Member

    OMG Mud!!!

    We should maybe check to see what state he is in before you call US crazy. Here in Indiana you can't carry in a casino. If you want to be a RESPONSIBLE gun owner then why press your luck and lose your license to carry into a building that you are not supposed to in the first place.
  13. nitestalker

    nitestalker New Member

    Having a permit to carry a concealed handgun and carrying a Glock is a contradiction. ;):D
  14. ShagNasty1001

    ShagNasty1001 New Member

    Maybe you can carry in one if it's not native owned but here in Oklahoma, they all are native owned making them federal grounds therefore making them federal buildings and you cannot..
  15. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    We are not going to play "take a tour of all 57 states". The law where YOU are can be significantly different where where another person is. BTW, if property is legally designated as Tribal Lands, then the laws of the Tribe (and Federal laws) apply.

    The original poster is in Florida. There is no statutory prohibition on carrying in a casino that has no posted warning, but there are limits on carry in establishments that serve alcohol.

    While I have had the authority to carry a firearm for about 42 years, there are places where I know I cannot carry. Avoid them when I can, do not carry when I can't.

    And as a forum, if it is not legal, we CANNOT endorse it.
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