Carrying handgun in National Park (Grand Teton)

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    In a backpack would be considered carrying concealed as well, with a permit recognized by that state, and as long as the firearm is not carried in certain facilities or buildings determined by the park.

    "12. Is my permit valid in national parks in Wyoming?

    Federal rule changes give gun owners permission to carry concealed firearms in national parks, as long as their concealed firearms permit is recognized by the state in which the park is located. Issues pertaining to firearms on federal property, particularly in federal buildings or facilities, are subject to federal law and regulations. A person should always contact the appropriate federal authority when his travel plans involve federal properties."

    "13. Does my permit allow me to carry any concealed weapon other than a firearm?

    No. The permit only encompasses the carrying of a concealed handgun."

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    Yes, you can carry a concealed firearm in the state parks as long as you have a valid CCW that is honored by Wyoming. Although we are now a constitutional carry state, you must be a resident for this to apply. So if you don't have a permit, it's open carry only. Carrying in a backpack would be considered concealed (as stated above), it must be visible on your person at all times you are carrying.